Thursday, 19 May 2022

Village Life

 We were lucky this month to have the pleasure of admiring Cosby Quilters’ suitcase collection called Village Life.  They were all small quilts and what a fabulous variety of subjects and techniques!  

Here is just a selection.  The techniques vary from knitting, patchwork, appliquĂ©, candlewicking, red work, beading and fabric painting.  The subjects were realistic, symbolic and representational, with a bit of abstract design thrown in!  We thoroughly enjoyed looking at them, and it has inspired us to make a collection of our own in the future.  

Caroline had attractive fabric for the raffle, 

And Julie had brought some fabrics to tempt us into spending our money! I’m afraid I couldn’t resist!  

Show and tell was dominated by challenge items, which is fabulous.  Beth had made three.  Firstly a bag (glad she told us what it was, or we’d have never worked it out!) 

Then a project bag with a zip.  

Then finally ….. she couldn’t remember which box this ticked, but was sure it qualified! 

Here is Julie’s Lone Star quilt which is a birthday present for her brother.  She says there is still quilting to be finished in the corners, but it looks perfect to me. 

Here is a stunning quilt with New York Beauties. 

Gaynor made this gorgeous Dresden Plate quilt with a kaleidoscope technique.

A Jenny Raiment workshop quilt from Lesley. Lots of quilting here. 

Madeline made this quilt using Kaffe Fasset fabrics, and counted it as her purple item.   

Julie finished this Dresden Plate quilt with lots of different techniques.  She was going to enter it into a competition, but unfortunately life got in the way and she couldn’t.  It would have been a winner. 

Ann had made this cushion as a gift for a friend.  

And here is another project bag.  These are so useful, and the see through front is a godsend! 

Ann tried a new technique.  These fabric horses needed gussets, and it must have been successful, as she made two! 

This is a Linus quilt I made from scrap 2.5” squares.  It was a fun make. 

Another project bag. 

And finally, a quilt made using the strips which were sewn at the recent Linus sewing evening.  Looking good! 
The recent trip to Malvern was a great success, and if you would like more quilty inspiration, here’s information for you. 

Friday, 22 April 2022

Dawn Cameron-Dick

 It’s a while since I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dawn Cameron-Dick, and I was very much looking forward to her talk.   She definitely did not disappoint!  I must say it was one of the most enjoyable and inspiring talks I’ve heard in a while.  She was entertaining, amusing, down to earth, stimulating and informative.  

She brought more than 24 quilts to show us, and they showed the progression in her work.  Her first quilts were traditional quilt colours on cream, but her later ones are much brighter and with her trademark IMA (invisible machine applique) and reverse applique.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, but luckily Sue took a photo at the New York Beauty workshop the following day. 

What a great selection!  Admire those points!  

One thing which came up at the meeting is the fact that we need more committee members.  Lynne has recently resigned from the committee (thanks for your hard work, Lynne) which leaves just five people, Jacquie, Ann, Lynda, Chris H and Chris T.  This is not enough people to keep the group going, and Chris H and Ann have decided to give up their roles as treasurer and speaker finder, which is a further complicating factor.  It was suggested that it would be helpful to let people know what is involved in being a committee member, so here goes. 

A committee member must like people and value community activities. 
They must be very interested in patchwork and quilting. 
They must be able to send and receive emails. 
They must be able to attend as many Piecemakers’ meetings as possible. 
They must want to meet up with like minded people for a cuppa and chat about six times a year, to plan group meetings and activities. 

Anyone who is chair must be organised, be able to book meeting dates, keep an eye on the smooth running of the group and be willing to stand up and speak at the front of meetings. 
Anyone who is treasurer must be organised and able to deal with and record financial dealings. 
The speaker finder must be organised, computer literate and patient. 

If you think it might be your turn to help in the running of our group, please discuss it with any committee member. 

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Jennie Rayment

 It was a very blustery evening, but the thoughts of hearing a speaker of the calibre of Jennie Rayment and seeing her fabulous work was enough to tempt us out!  And, as ever, she did not disappoint on either front!  She started by telling us that when she checked into the Lutterworth Travelodge she realised she had forgotten her overnight bag!  The receptionist was helpful in directing her to Aldi, just across the road.  She managed to buy what she needed there, including pyjamas - you never know if there’s a fire drill or even fire in the hotel.  And if the fire brigade should attend, they would be delighted to see her in her lovely, new Mickey Mouse pyjamas! 

Here she is with one of her tucked circles.  Stunning! 

She brought lots of quilts and bags to show, as well as hats and some other items.  A feast for the eyes, and stimulus for the imagination. 

Julie brought her fabric stall to encourage us. 

Caroline hid the raffle prizes in recycled bags.  

There was lots of show and tell, most of it related to our inspiration challenge.  Here is a plastic lined wash bed with zip.  Lots of challenges there. 

Nik used a new technique to make this lovely doll.  Love the shorts. 

She also made this bag with chenille panel. 

This beautiful quilt was a block of the week made during lockdown.  Simple blocks look so good in monochrome, and the triangle border really sets it off. 

Chris made this fun elephant quilt from a free pattern on the internet.  It’s a gift for a baby. 

Chris was so inspired by a visit to Istanbul that when she got home she designed and made this stunning quilt.  The colours and designs are all based on traditional Turkish designs. 

Gaynor made this hold-all as a present for a friend. 

Paula finished this Celtic Connections wall hanging as something purple. 

This cute penguin was made by Jan as a present for a child.  The lantern should have been on a pole, but she decided it would be safer to omit the pole as a safety feature. 

This roomy bag was counted in for the challenge.  Nice and roomy. 

Paula also completed this quilt for a child.  Such gorgeous toning colours. 

This quilt is for a new baby.  All the birds are needleturned applique.  Any baby would be happy to be sick on this! 

This is a roomy toy bag.  

This quilt was made from designs in one of Jennie’s books!  It was great to see it in this gorgeous colour way. 

Edith made this fantastic quilt from a Cowslip Designs pattern.  It’s a shame the quilt holders up weren’t a foot taller, as you can’t see all the beautiful applique in the top and bottom borders.  

Di made two small messenger bags. 

Jacquie is part way through this BOM as her embroidery challenge.  There are three different blocks each month, so there are quite a few more to complete! 
I’m so glad that lots of people have signed up for this challenge, and are obviously enjoying it. 
The next meeting will be a Linus sewing evening.  Bring along your sewing machine and cutting equipment, and any strips or strings which are more than 4” long, of any width from 1” upwards.  We will be making scrappy piano keys strips and I’ll bring some ideas for using them up. 

Jennie ran a workshop the next day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!  I love seeing all the different colour combinations!  Thank you Jennie and well done everyone!  

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Here’s to 2022!

 It was good to get together again in January.  The regulations seem to differ every month (or every week!) but they don’t deter us from getting together.  I forgot to take any photos, which is a shame, but 20 odd of us came together and shared a temptation of snacks and a lot of laughter!  

Several people have told me how they seem to have lost their sewing mojo, so the committee have decided to encourage members by running an Inspiration Challenge.  The idea is that you are given a card with twelve sewing suggestions, and if you manage to complete six items and bring them for us to admire in Show and Tell, then you will get a prize at the November meeting. 

Here is the card, so you can see there are lots of ideas.  Someone asked if you could bring a bag which is a present, has purple fabric and embroidery, has curved shapes and is from a pattern, could you cross off six squares at one go?  Nice try!  

Next month we have the entertaining Jenny Raiment, and a workshop.  There are still places left on the workshop, and you ca enrol at the next meeting. 

Monday, 29 November 2021

A Speaker - at last!

 At our November meeting we were delighted to welcome Pat Archibald as our speaker!  Her visit had been planned so long ago, and it felt good to see her. 

She brought some of her fabulous quilts for us to see, and used slides for her talk, which was about finding inspiration.  After the last couple of years we could all do with some motivation! 

Here is a selection of her work. 

She was all set for a workshop the next day, which was inspired by Celtic knot work. Meanwhile, the show and tell was plentiful. 

Here is an amazing applique quilt.  I don’t know the story of it, but wish I did! 

This scrappy pink quilt is perfectly complimented by the flowery border. 

Pink and brown go together so well. 

I know this is Gwyneth’s work.  She is making a Harry Potter themed quilt for each of her granddaughters and this is part of the Hermione one.  

The diagonal bars on this quilt add a great sense of movement. 

A beautiful fairytale quilt.  

Elephants for a new baby. 

More pink and brown in a very pleasing design. (as I always say, any quilt can be enhanced by a bit of lime green!) 

This is great use of a feature fabric which has been framed to make it enough for a quilt. 

This is Gwyneth’s other Harry Potter quilt, it’s the hero in the centre.  Stunning. 

And the final quilt, another pretty pink one!  There will be no meeting in December, so I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!  See you in 2022!