Thursday 2 November 2023


 October is the month when we hold our AGM, but it’s generally a quick affair. An AGM gives a round up of the year, future plans and a chance for people to have their say.  This one fitted the bill perfectly. People were keen to discuss the way forward considering our smaller membership and consequent smaller revenue.  Since we have recently had our exhibition, our finances are assured in the short term, but next year’s committee have decided to look carefully at the group’s activities, especially outside teachers.  We were delighted to hear that Vicki has agreed to take over the chair from Jacquie, but all the other members are staying on. Watch this space! 

Then we moved on to the workshop part of the evening.  Lynda had prepared some kits for a cute felt bird Christmas decoration, which seemed to go down well.  Here is the Blue Peter. 

People got busy as you can see.

The raffle was Hallowe’en themed. 

The show and tell was quality. 

Ann had made a couple of cute small quilts for Linus.  

Blue and white quilts are always stunning. 

This medallion is fabulous. 

Here is a Hawaiian design from last month’s workshop made into a cushion.  

Here is a finished quilt from last month’s workshop.  There are some quick workers around! 

I have made this photo bigger so you can see the design.  It is a giant insect created using quilting thread.  Well done Vicki for this. 

Sunday 8 October 2023

Exhibition 2023!

 We usually have an exhibition every second year, but Covid disrupted our schedule, so our last exhibition was in 2019.  After four years we were concerned that we might not remember all the improvements we had made to the set up, running and take down which we had made over the years, but no, everything went very smoothly.  We had a fabulous exhibition subcommittee, ably led by Vicki which worked hard before the weekend to ensure smooth (and speedy!) running.  There were a few hitches of course, such as not finding our quilt hanging loops until after the quilts had all been hung, hanging a quilt back to front, and missing a label completely, but fortunately people were very forgiving, and knew that mistakes happen!  Twenty three members helped over the weekend, which is the majority of the group, just under three hundred people visited and we have made in excess of £1,000 to boost our depleted funds.  In addition, a great time was had by all, helpers and visitors, which is the whole point of the exercise. 

Here are some arrivals, met with smiles by the door helpers. 

Here are some of the large quilts, hanging beautifully. 

Small quilts and items were also displayed. 

Including our fabulous suitcase collection of quilts on the theme of The Royal Family. 

There were shopping opportunities too, with Jeannie from ‘Quilteeze’ selling fabric and kits, 

And Di and Madeline manning our very popular sales table. 

Chris and team kept the refreshments coming. What a star! 

And the winner of the Visitors Choice? 

Chris Hunt was flabbergasted to win both small (for her cheeky emu) and large (for her turquoise delight) and we were all thrilled for her. 
Due to the hard work work of members and their families, the whole exhibition was packed away in an hour.  Thank you to everyone who exhibited, helped and came, for making it such a great success!  
Here’s to 2025! 

Saturday 7 October 2023

Hawaiian applique.

 Our September meeting was lead by Janet Goddard, who is ran a masterclass in Hawaiian applique.  Christian missionaries introduced the art of patchwork to the Hawaiian islands, and the people are famous for their wonderful appliqu├ęd quilts, with designs featuring their native flowers and foliage. 

Here she is with her sample piece.  It was a 20” square which will be ideal for a bag, cushion or medallion centrepiece. 

Lots of people were eager to learn this technique. 

This is the kind of effect we were aiming for.  

Here is a rabbit inspired mini quilt.  They look so lifelike! 

This wall hanging was made at a workshop. Great use of scraps for the background. 

This stunning quilt is a great optical illusion.  I love it! 

Paula made this Linus quilt from half hexagons cut by Julie on the Accuquilt cutter.  Beautiful use of colour. 

Here is a book cover made from fabric made at our flower pounding evening.  Very contemporary. 

And, last but not least, a gorgeous cushion. 

And, just for fun, here is a drag queen wearing an outfit made from a quilt!  There’s food for thought! 

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Flower pounding

 Our August meeting was lots of fun.  Some people had ‘done’ flower pounding before, so gave this meeting a miss.  They really missed out, as it was great fun!  Lots of hammering, splats, mishaps and laughter.  Admittedly, it was a bit noisy, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

Concentration was the name of the game, as people experimented and arranged their compositions. 

Here are some of the results.  Some are realistic and some more impressionistic.  Look for their appearance as greetings cards, book covers or wall hangings. 

Here are the entries for our ‘Royal Family’ challenge.  A great selection!