Thursday, 20 October 2016

A hectic meeting!

October sees our AGM, but while AGMs usually mean a thin crowd, that doesn't happen at Piecemakers!  We keep the formal part of the meeting short, a celebration of the last year, looking forward to next year and, most importantly, a chance for members to air any issues they want to.  This year, the only issues were how much people had enjoyed the meetings, and how welcoming and friendly everyone is!  
The meeting was hectic because we had all the Brown Bag quilts unveiled, a sales table and an opportunity to cut out Accuquilt shapes, facilitated by the talented June Farmer. 

There was a lot of interest in using the Accuquilt, especially with the lovely examples June had brought along. 

The sales table was popular too - we all love a bargain! 
The display of Brown Bag tops was stunning.  I wish I had taken pictures of them individually, but I'll be able to do that once they're all finished!  

The one on the left is Maria's (I know, because I worked on it) and I think the other one is Julie's. 

It's hard to believe that they resulted from the same instructions! 

The one on the left is mine.  Great final border! 

A very large one.  There were no size instructions, so the tops have ended up at different sizes. 

A beautiful autumnal quilt.  The rounds complement the centre perfectly. 

Not a very good view of these two, but the best I could do. 

Two tops with circles as centres. 

Another large one.  You can't beat blue and yellow. 

This photo doesn't do the top justice.  Sorry.

This one looks almost Aboriginal to me.  

Love the cheeky bear appliqué. 

Debbie's Mariners Compass is a great centre.

And then we had show and tell.  A baby quilt made by Ruth.  

This is Ann's Christmas candle wreath.  Very clever. 

Maria used the bonus triangles from her snowballs as a border.  How clever is that!  

Gaynor made this at a workshop.  She's more of a hand quilter than a machine quilter, but this proves that she can do both beautifully. 

This is a Bonnie Hunter design using up 2" scraps made by me.  Very colourful. 

I'm trying to finish projects, and here is another scrap quilt.  I love log cabin. 

Work in progress from me.  Scrappy snail's trail, with at least two mistakes.  Oh well, it'll still have the same snuggle value. 

This is Di's sew a row quilt from 2008!  A finish is always a result.  Well done! 

I'm not the only one to bring a work in progress.  The green fabric has footballs on it, and Ruth has used it perfectly with the solid 9- patches.  Can't wait to see it finished. 

Pam made these great free form blocks and then used this bright yellow to complement the purple.  Snazzy. 

She also found a great use for this floral panel.  She used black bias strips to make a window to frame it.  Lovely. 
What a great meeting!  The next one will be our Christmas one.  You will need a sewing kit, as Pam will have a little project for us, plus a small plate of finger food, a mug and glass.  See you there! 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

September meeting

I think everyone was glad to be 'back to normal' as the hall was full last night, and we had a few visitors too.  They had a lovely evening, as there were goodies to buy, techniques to learn and inspiration and laughter given by our speaker, Sue Kershaw. 

Here she is, looking a bit self conscious. She certainly wasn't self conscious while speaking as both her words and quilts were excellent.  Everyone enjoyed the evening very much. 

And here she is demonstrating her easy, no hand sew piped binding technique.  It looked very nifty, and what's more, she was selling piped fabric by the metre so you didn't even have to make your own! 

She and her husband brought lots of goodies for us to buy.  There seemed to be quite a bit of interest in them! 

The raffle was suitably Autumn themed, with richly coloured fabrics, fallen leaves and a little broom to sweep them up or take a flight on, as you wish. 
The show and tell was very good.  Some people have been sewing rather than lazing in the garden! 

This is a Linus quilt made by me using up some hexies I made from an article by Micky Dupree.  I was never going to make a whole quilt of them and was delighted to use them up! 

This beauty should be seen in close up.  The circles are all hand sewn seeded shapes.  Gorgeous! 

This space themed quilt looks fabulous.  I love the alternate purple and lilac squares. 

This is a simple rail fence made by Julie and finished for Linus by Paula.  Very effective. 

Another Linus made by Paula from scraps.  Very colourful. 

Here are some fiddle cushions on their way to the Sutton in the Elms Care Home. 

Denise had been on a workshop and produced these little pieces, 

And this beautiful larger quilt.  It was completely pieced, nut bonded at all!  I love the foreground and the rich colours. 

A very large quilt, in lovely fabrics. 

Gill made this quilt while she was off her feet for a while.  It's beautiful. 

This is Asians Grand Illusion, a design by Bonnie Hunter.  She knew it was going to be big, but not quite that big! 

This is another quilt which needs closer study.  The elephants are beaded and sequinned, and the colours of the quilt all tie together.  Stunning. 

And here is a picture of a quilt which didn't actually make it to show and tell.  It was made by member Olive Millichip, entered into the FOQ and won a Highly Commended ribbon!  Well done Olive, and we look forward to admiring it in the flesh soon.  

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Festival of Quilts

Here I am in front of our fabulous group quilt, hanging beautifully flat in the exhibition.  

It didn't win any prizes, but with over thirty contributors, we didn't think it would.  It was sufficient that everyone had fun creating their blocks then pleasure seeing the final result entered in a prestigious international competition, to be enjoyed by thousands of people.  Not to mention the delight of some lucky children who will get to drive their cars up and down the streets and enjoy looking at all the different buildings. 
Many thanks to all who contributed a block, and especially Maria, Di, Maggie, Vicki, Ann A, Ann G and Lynda for putting it together, and Liz, who quilted it so beautifully.  

Friday, 17 June 2016

June meeting

This month was a busy meeting.  We had our brown bag challenge, sign ups for our zip workshops next month, and Gwyneth kindly brought along bargain zips from Bloodwise to sell, apart from all the usual activities of raffle, show and tell and a very interesting speaker. 

Ruth Singer is a local textile artist, who has come to her present position through the museum service! She is particularly interested in making exhibitions, especially using historical starting points.  She will be exhibiting at the Festival of Quilts with some of her work in response to photos of women criminals, and will have a workshop there too.  She is holding up a piece which consists of an 18th century silk waistcoat which she has unpicked and then conserved by trapping it between two layers of organza.  The pocket flaps, which have survived surprisingly well, are on the outside!  We enjoyed her slides, but we especially enjoyed being able to examine her work.  

Even though the weather wasn't in full summer mode, June's raffle prizes were!  Ice creams with flakes - what could be more representative of the British summer! 

The show and tell started with this gorgeous medallion quilt.  Apparently it's not perfect (according to the maker!) who knew?  First picture is the front, and second the back.  Great way to use up extra fabric. 

Ann made this hexagon bag.  It looks lovely, but she said it was very tricky to make and she wouldn't make another! 

Nik made this lovely heart quilt for Linus.  A great use of scraps. 

This piece was made at the recent Jenny Raiment workshop.  Good use of a sample. 

And here is the other side - the other workshop sample! Very clever. 

This sample has been made into a cushion. 

And this one! 

Although Maria wasn't able to be at the meeting, she sent this lovely quilt which she has made as a present.  It will soon be off to its lucky recipient.  The prairie points are a super touch. 

And lastly, Gaynor showed this bag she made from a pattern she bought at Malvern.  She likes the bag, but found the top was a bit narrow for getting her purse in and out.  She'd definitely make another, but widen the top slightly. 
In case anyone wasn't at the meeting, but will be at the July meeting, there is still space on all the zip workshops.  They are an integral zip with Lynda, a simple make up bag with Maggie, a zipped cushion with Di and an easy quilted zipped bag with Liz.  If you want to join one of the workshops, just email me and I'll add you to the list and let you have the requirements. 
See you in July!