Friday, 22 February 2019

John Cole-Morgan

February is normally a dreary month, but not when John Cole-Morgan is around!  He is full of the joy that quilting and life bring, and was so inspirational, both while displaying his quilts and sharing his wisdom.  
He is relatively new to quilting, but, like many of us, has found that quilting and the people he meets, bring happiness.  He was happy to show his first quilt, which he calls his Fuggly quilt, because he said it is F(antastically) Ugly!  I didnt think it was too bad, but this latest quilt shows how far he has come. 

He is particulary taken by the wonderful effects which foundation piecing can bring, and here is one of his paper pieced quilts being admired after his talk. 

This blue design was also widely admired, and  several people expressed interest in a class to teach it, so watch out for news of this.

June was bang on with her raffle theme this month!

John was very interested in and appreciative of our show and tell, and helped Vicki to hold things up.  First was a display of the braid row of our sew a row. 

Lots of people had not only finished their row, but remembered to bring it!  It was lovely to see all the colours and combinations.

This quilt was made from a fabric sample book, and has a braid border to add interest.


Ruth made this pretty quilt for Linus, and backed it with fleece for extra snuggle. 


Madeline's  grandaughter chose this orange peel design for a quilt for herself from the Stuart Hillard book.  Its all hand quilted.

The hexagons in this quilt were sewn by the maker's sister, and found after her death.  Such a touching use of blocks to remember her by.  

This fun quilt was made at a workshop.

Sorry this photo is a bit dark.  It's a beautiful stained glass flower.

Jan made this churn dash design for Linus. Thank you, Jan.  It's perfect!

Gaynor made this fabulous scene at a Gail Lawther workshop.  Very atmospheric.

This is a bowl on the theme of seaside.  Beautiful.

These pieces were made at a felting workshop.  (John looks puzzled here, but in fact he was awestruck!)

Chris had made this quilt for her grandson, and it proved to be a learning curve!  The first few blocks were a bit challenging, but she soon got into the swing.  In fact she even got her grandson to make part of one of the blocks.  There's nothing like collaboration!

I had been to the Leicester Royal Infirmary to deliver some quilts, and been asked if we could make some wiggly bags.  These are small bags to hold the Hickman lines for child chemotherapy patients. 

Wiggly bags
1.       Cut a piece of child-friendly fabric approximately 5½” x 8½”.
2.       Make a small double hem along the top long edge.
3.       Fold RS together and sew round three sides to make a bag.  Turn RS out.
4.       Cut a piece of ribbon, cord or tape 24” long.  Attach to the top of the bag.
5.       Repeat!

If you would like to make a few, please let me have them at the next meeting.

Friday, 1 February 2019

New Year's Party.

We usually end our year with a Christmas party, but we had booked a speaker for our November meeting, and didn't think it fair to limit their talk so we could munch and talk to each other!  So the party was moved to our January meeting.  We generally have an activity at the November meeting, but this time the committee asked me to give a short talk.  I have recently designed a quilt composed of blocks named after famous women, and I spoke about these inspirational women. 

The quilt is called 'Remember the Ladies', a quote from a letter from Abigail Adams to her husband when he was away from home helping to write the American Constitution.  Abigail's husband subsequently became the second president of the USA.  The blocks are named after Martha Washington, Grace Darling, Marie Curie and Eleanor Roosevelt among other luminaries. People were kind enough to say they enjoyed the talk, and since I donated my fee to Leicester Women's Aid, it was a good result all round! 

June was unable to attend the meeting as she had a cold, but she had sent the raffle prizes for us. 

Show and tell was very good.  People have obviously been using the winter weather as an excuse to stay inside and sew.  This is a Linus quilt made by Ruth. 

This quilt is so colourful and the batiks almost shimmer! 


Chris made this Linus quilt with some little animal pictures. 

This is my 'Good Fortune' quilt, Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt.  I made it smaller than she suggested, as I will donate it to Linus.  

Paula has been making courthouse steps blocks and put them together in this arrangement.  It looks a bit like Chinese lanterns. 

These are Paula's log cabin blocks.  They look great in this arrangement.  Both these quilts are for Linus. 

This fishy quilt looks lots of fun!  The blocks should have had strips inserted, but Madeline cleverly used up add pieces of ribbon and tape in her bits box.  Good result. 

Maria is part of a group which has been making a Pat Sloan quilt.  This is the first time Maria has machine quilted a project, and it looks fabulous! 

Here is a jolly child's quilt with animals on it. 

Vicki made this quilt to a request.  She didn't have the pattern but found it easy to construct, until she came to the side triangles!  She's made a great job of it! 

Sue had made this Linus top from lots of pink strips. 

This wall hanging incorporates fabrics bought on several foreign trips.  It's full of memories. 

Here is a bag made from a Monkey Buttons pattern. 

Ruth has made some small art quilts. The work is stunning .

Here is a lizard, made by Ruth. 

                                   And last, but not least, two more of Ruth's intricate quilts.
This quilt is a masterclass on how to big up a small panel.  Perfect! 

This quilt is a masterclass on how to big up a small panel.  Perfect!

Over thirty people signed up to our Sew-a-Row quilt challenge and the instructions for the first row, a braid will be sent out shortly by email.  If you decide to join in, just contact a committee member and I'm sure they'll add you to the list. Happy sewing! 

Saturday, 24 November 2018

November meeting

Traditionally, our November meeting is on a Christmas theme, with a tasting supper.  This year we had booked a speaker, although unfortunately Janet Bolton had hurt her foot, couldn't drive and had to cancel.  Luckily Amanda Hall, from Monkey Buttons, was able to come and wow us with her gorgeous quilts and bags.  

Here she is with one of her clever patterns.  Those fish look so realistic! 

She brought some of her distinctive fabrics, both printed and woven.  

She also brought samples of her patterns and the patterns themselves.  It's always good to see a finished example of a pattern, and lots of people took advantage of this opportunity to buy. 

June was on form with her raffle prizes.  This time it was a free raffle, and I think the prizes were too good to open! 

There was some show and tell from the Sarah Fielke workshops.  Here are the bits and pieces bags. 

And here are three of the garden pouches.  Delightful. 

June made these cute Amish people some time ago, and didn't quite know what to do with them.  She cleverly made this pieced landscape to put them on.  I love the hanger! 

Paula made this quilt at a class and called it Remember the Ladies, as it's made up of blocks named after famous women.  She made it in the Sufferagist colours of green, cream and purple. 

Here is a small quilt for Linus made by Ruth. 

She made a larger one too.  Thank you Ruth.  They're lovely. 

Here is a Linus quilt which was made by Piecemakers members at this year's sewing evening.  Looks great! 

Here is a reversible disappearing nine patch.  

This Leicester Tigers motif was made by Vicki for her grabdson.  She just brought it to show Maria, but it got into show and tell as well! 

Julie was learning to use quilting rulers and making this quilt as quilt as you go.  It's now finished and absolutely fabulous!  Well done. 

Chris has made these snuggle quilts for all her grandchildren, and here are the next two.  They are made from fleece garments are are very tactile. 

Here is the back of the quilt. 

This is the next quilt. 

And the back.  They both look so lovely. 
We look forward to seeing everyone in January.  
Have a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!