Monday, 22 May 2017


Hi Lots of good news lately.  Firstly, Julie won a competition in 'Quilt Now!' Magazine called The Story of my quilt.  Her friend had had a lot of bunting at her wedding, which she gave away to guests afterwards.  Julie took quite a bit of it, unpicked it and made it into a quilt which she gave to her friend for her 30th birthday! 

Here they are with the quilt.  What a lovely story!  Julie won a day's workshop as her prize. After the workshop, she started gathering up the good scraps for Project Linus (as we do!) and Katy Jones, the editor of the magazine, offered to send some fabric for us to use. We took the fabric to use at a recent Project Linus sewing day at Hannah's Room in Ibstock.

Here are Lynda, Julie and Paula with Maria, Gail and Roxana's daughter Charlotte on the day.  We used the fabric donated to make five disappearing 9-patch quilt tops. Katy was so impressed that she's published our photos in 'Quilt Now!' Magazine issue 37!  Just form an orderly queue for signed copies! 

But even better, Liz entered a quilt started by Muriel, before her sad death last year, into the Fund raiser category at Malvern, and won first prize!  

Here she is in front of the quilt (which she obviously finished and quilted). 

And here she is with the trophy!  Well done Liz and Muriel!  The quilt will be raffled in aid of Friends of Saint Cross Hospital. 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lynne Edwards

IOur May meeting was a long awaited treat.  Debbie booked Lynne Edwards about two years ago, and was over the moon about it!  We were pretty pleased as she is a fabulous lady.  She brought over 30 quilts to show us, as she said, she prefers to see lots of quilts rather than slides or waffle, and she thought we would too!  Quite right, Lynne!

Here she is with her new technique, cathedral window by machine.  She is famous for her sampler quilt books, but had lots of different things to show us, along with lots of tips and hints, plus a lively sense of humour.  She told us that we didn't in fact have UFOs, they were just quilts pending!  Sometimes, if you get stuck or fed up with a project, it's better to leave it, as the fabric you need to complete it might not have been printed yet!  What a sensible attitude!

The show and tell started with some of Lynne's designs from her sampler quilts books.  Here is Stephanie's and Bunty's.

And here is mine and Carole's.

And here is Pat's.  She decided to do all 25 blocks! Great colours!

Here is Jan's quilt which had been made from lots of bits and pieces.  It's beautiful, and I love the little appliqué in the centre.

This one was made by me for Project Linus from scraps.  I think the bright yellow background adds a bit of zing, and there are plenty of different patterns to encourage a game of I Spy! 

This is mine too.  The big circles are from a Kathy Doughty pattern and the small ones are Kansas Sunfloers.  I made them all by hand in the American way while on holidays.  I didn't initially have a plan for them, but I'm delighted that they all play so nicely together! 

This crocheted blanket is called Lily Pond.  A very apt title. 

Lots of beautiful star blocks in this quilt.  

This was made by June for a music loving grandson's upcoming birthday.  He doesn't know about it, so hope he doesn't read this blog!  He'll be thrilled to receive it, in any event. 

Carole. Ade this quilt from a jelly roll.  She was delighted that all the white fabric came from her stash, and when she'd finished, there was only a few scraps of the jelly roll left.  Got to use up that fabric! 

Di made this pretty quilt for Project Linus.  I love the asymmetrical borders. 

And last but not least are these lovely bags.  They are from the Sarah Fielke BOM this year, and the houses are blocks from the quilt and the bags are a bonus pattern.  Always lovely to see designs in different colour ways. 

Here is Lynne at the workshop on the following day.  She had lots of good advice and time saving tips to give. 

Here are all the students with the results of their labours.  Looks like they've all got that technique firmly unde their belts! 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Crazy Mary

Here is Crazy Mary, although she didn't seem all that Crazy to me.  She did talk rather quickly at times, but she seemed quite down to earth and sensible!  She brought some of her work, book covers and wall hangings, but it was her work in schools that she particularly wanted to share with us. 

She taught primary age children so was used to working with young people.  She started with sewing projects in her own school, and then has gradually moved on to taking requests from other schools, plus some adult classes.  Here is one hanging which was entered for the FOQ.  The children printed and sewed the blocks and Mary put them together.  She described the creative process and it was very interesting to see what her brief was from the school, and then view the finished item. 

Here are some of the winter designs for the Four Seasons Challenge.  Over 30 people signed up for this, so I hope we'll have more blocks or mini quilts in July for the spring design. 

And then to show and tell.  This is a first quilt!  I wish my first quilt was as good as this!  It was put together quilt-as-you-go at the last workshop.  I love how the yellow pops! 

This is my quilt.  The stars are from Stars in a Timewarp, a Barbara Blackman block of the week.  I obviously didn't get a year's worth of stars done, but 36 is a reasonable number.  The trailing flower border insides it off nicely. 

These jars blocks were made by the Barwell U3A Craft Group by hand for Project Linus.  They are really fun to do and make a cheery quilt. 

And here is my brown bag quilt.  I'm so grateful to everyone who worked on it, and I love it!  Thank you so much everyone! 

This is a fresh and pretty Linus quilt made by Vicki. 

And here's another with pink ballerinas on it.  You can't go wrong with pink ballerinas! 

Paula has friends who own a holiday home in Cornwall.  They are kind enough to let Paula stay there if they are away, so she decided to make a quilt for them as a gift.  They will be thrilled to receive it. 

Here is a very practical bag. 

And here are two clever boxes made at a workshop run by Di.  Emily doesn't look too impressed, but I like them! 

It was a shame that we had to cancel Mary's workshop on the Saturday, but we didn't have enough people to run it.  Maybe we can get her to come over another time.  Let's hope so 

Friday, 17 March 2017

A fabulous evening

Our March meeting wasn't quite as busy as the February one but the room was still buzzing.  We were all eager to hear Gilli Theokritoff's talk, as she had been originally booked for last year, but life had overwhelmed her, and she forgot to come!  

Here she is with her 'David' quilt.  A lovely lady and a masterpiece! 

She brought lots of quilts, which ranged from the 'that's a good idea' to 'wow!'  Lots of people were keen to get a closer look at her work.

The raffle was a bumper one, with fabric and cutting boards.  Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky winners. 

Show and tell was a bumper one!  I think the winter weather has encouraged people to stay in the warm and sew.  This is one Sian made of her GCSE students' exam pieces.  Very colourful. 

This is a treasured old quilt from the 1950s.  It has all kinds of fabrics in it, old dresses, curtaining, the obligatory Crimplene and even wool pieces.  The wool has shrunk slightly, giving an interesting irregular look to it.  Not the most beautiful of quilts, but certainly one to treasure. 

Ar Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters in Rugby, they had a competition, to be decided by viewers' choice.  The three prizes were taken by Piecemakers' members.  This is Liz's quilt with a sea theme. 

This gorgeous butterfly quilt used up scraps, apparently.  What lovely scraps! 

Not a very good photo of this one, but it was very big.  It's the first prize winner at Rocheberie, made by Gaynor for her Golden wedding.  She says it was a bit like Topsy, and grew and grew! 

Here is Sue's fabulous 365 Challenge quilt.  The challenge was to make a block a day for a whole year!  I started it but didn't get past January!  

Here is one of my Mile a Minute quilts.  Bright and cheerful for Project Linus. 

This is mine too, the other prize winner at Rocheberie.  It was a BOM and I put all my blocks on point.  

Chris was asked by her grandson if she could 'knit' a Star Wars Lego quilt.  She could do that, and here it is.  Perfect. 

Here is Di's Rocheberie BOM quilt.  Her colours are so pretty. 

This is Jan's BOM.  I bet she used up some of her scraps on this! 

Jan also set herself an extra challenge.  Every time she chose one of the blocks and made enough of that block to make a small quilt.  Isn't that clever?  I love how different each quilt looks.  It's hard to pick out the original block. 

To help in identification, Jan pinned the block pattern to each quilt. 

They are all lovely.  Well done, Jan. 

Denise made this quilt for her daughter's wedding.  (The wedding was 18 months ago, but hey ho!) it's all silk, beautifully quilted and Denise says she never wants to work in silk again!  It was worth it though, to produce such a precious gift. 

This is one of the brown bag challenge quilts from last year.  The owner added another row of hearts and is thrilled with it.  Quite rightly. 

This quilt is for a very musical grandson.  I'm sure he will treasure it. 

This is a Linus quilt made from leftover ballet fabric.  Perfect for young dancers. 

By this time, Gill and Denise (who were holding up the quilts) had got serious arm ache, as you can imagine.  Denise was heard to mutter, isn't that it yet, and are people adding more when I'm not looking, but I was able to reassure her that there was only one more left. This one is a quilt as you go made at last month's Carolyn Forster workshop.  

And here is the last piece of show and tell, another brown bag quilt.  Again the owner was thrilled with it.  I would be too! 

2017 Challenge
Just to be clear, thus year we are challenging people to make 4 small quilts/blocks on the theme of the seasons.  These will be kept by you, to make into a wall hanging, placemats, small quilt or whatever you like.  We suggest fir each one a size of about A4 or if you like to work with squares, about 12.5". The idea is that they can be displayed at the exhibition in October.  The first challenge is Winter, and everyone taking part has had (or will receive if you haven't managed to sign up yet) an embellishment, which is snowflakes. 
Hope that makes sense.