Thursday, 17 March 2016

Charity sewing

'The March meeting was a hands on session, making blocks for Project Linus.  I know that not everyone wants to drag their sewing machine out on a cold March evening, but there were plenty who did, and I'm very grateful to them for their hard work.  We made string blocks on a Vilene foundation, and I gave each table a bag of coloured strings. 

This table had red (and some blue too!) 

This one is purple.  Gloria was working so fast, she's just a blur!  Go, Gloria, go! 

Here is the main blue table, with Maria sewing and Gaynor and Ann passing her strings, ironing and trimming.  Such great teamwork! 

Julie and Paula worked with yellow - their finished blocks were good enough to eat! 

Here is the pink table. They were delighted to find some completed blocks in their bag of strings.  This is such a great technique, it's not the first time I've used it!

And last but by no means least, the greens. 

Over 70 blocks were made in total, and here are just 49 of them joined into a rainbow!  They look so good.  Thank you to all. 

As usual, June's raffle was a delight. 
Easter chicks, chocolate eggs and egg and birdhouse fabric.  Perfect! 

We had more blocks for the group quilt.  Here are just this month's.  We have 30 blocks in total, so will start to think about how they go together.  We plan to work on them at the next sewing day on 23rd April, so if you'd like to come along, you'd be very welcome. 

Show and tell started with some of the work done in last month's workshop with Gail Lawther.  Here are Pam's topiary trees.  Stunning against the black background. 

Here is a Clarice Cliffe wall hanging.  The colours look wonderful. 

Another one, Di's I think, so gorgeous. 

And my Clarice Cliffe, which I have made into a Linus quilt.  Not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm sure a child will like it. 

This is. Linus top which was finished by.Jill.  She moved out of her comfort zone to quilt some curves in the sashing.  Good job! 

Maria made some of the blocks for this block of the month when she had some long plane journeys recently.  I particularly like the houses. M

Jan has completed this small quilt in red, black and white for the traditional quilt display at the NEC.  It's perfect. 

This is a Linus top I made from a LeMoyne star made by Liz, and some other blocks.  Not a show winner but bright and cheerful. 

Ann made this quilt from a jelly roll. She said it wasn't difficult to make, but you had to concentrate to keep the colours in the right sections.  

Two small Linus quilts made by Di. Mi love the clever way she's offset the blocks. It gives more interest to the arrangement (and eliminates tricky matching!  Clever.) 

Gaynor made this lunch bag as part of a challenge.  She had several different fabrics to use, including the one with the tape measures you can see.  She wanted to make something useful, and I think she's succeeded admirably. 

Lastly, this is a baby quilt made by Di.  She had a charm pack of flannels, framed and sashed them to make this beauty.  
Next month we will be starting our brown bag challenge.  This is open to everyone, whatever their skill level. Looking forward to it!