Saturday, 21 May 2011

May meeting - workshops galore!

The May meeting was another busy one, with four different workshops to choose from. I offered needleturned applique, using freezer paper on top, which proved to be popular.

We just tackled some easy hearts, which provided a chance to practise points, both 'inny' and 'outy'. Look how well everyone did! Alison was a bit worried that her heart had a very narrow point (the green one on the bottom row) but she coped with it superbly!

Rebecca showed how to do Sashiko, and brought some of her beautiful work. People on this table were delighted with her easy style and knowledge - I can feel a day workshop coming on! Here is everyone with epuipment ready for the off.

And here they all are, hard at it.

Paula showed a beaded card, which was proclaimed 'very relaxing' as a technique. She was generous (as ever) with her beads so people could make more cards when they went home.
Liz gave people a chance to try free machine quilting, and found herself challenged by the idiosyncracies of other people's machines. Rosemary and Paula, despite having identical machines, bought at the same time, found that only one foot pedal gave them the pace control they needed. Jane produced patterns which were more 'crown of thorns' than 'bunch of flowers' until she tried Liz's machine, which enabled her to make flowing designs! I think some people will be back at the sewing machine shop in the near future! People have obviously been busy in their gardens, as there were only a few items for show and tell. Stephanie had been making jelly roll quilts. This one is a snowball, in lovely freah, folksy colours.
This one is a rail fence variation, again with a lovely colour palette. Doesn't the border set it off well?
She also brought a gorgeous miniature wall hanging which she has made for a present. Great colour choices.

Gaynor is making a set of chair seat covers, and these are the first two. (That's why they're a strange shape!) Liz brought this quilt which gaynor had made and Liz quilted, which will be on its way to Japan (via Malvern). Several members of the group are donating quilts for the earthquake victims in Japan. Ruth brought this Windmill quilt in autumnal colours. This is such a great design for using scraps and leftover strips.Another scrappy one is this positive and negative design. I'm just trying to work out how she made it - it's not 9 patches, is it? Very effective at any rate.Everyone had very much enjoyed the evening, and got a lot out of it, although the workshop leaders are looking forward to the next meeting, when they can sit back and relax!