Monday, 19 April 2010

Group charity quilt

All of the 25 people who had signed up for the group quilt had dutifully brought their blocks, so Ruth, Lynda, Di A., Di J. and Jane met to start to assemble the top.

The first job was to arrange the blocks into a pleasing arrangement. Luckily we were able to use Clipston Village Hall's large tables to do this. There was such a variety of block designs and diferent fabrics, but everyone had kept to the stipulated autumn colours, so it wasn't difficult to make them play nicely together. Then we hit the first snag.

Di started to square up the blocks and found one where the maker had thought the measurements were 12" raw edge, rather than 12" finished, and had already cut the block to 12". We scratched our heads, but there was nothing we could do to include it, as if we cut the other blocks to 12" we would cut off all the points! Luckily Gill had sent a spare, so we will use the 12" block for the label!

Ruth, Lynda and Di began to join the blocks into rows, when the next snag was found. There was a hole in one of the blocks. Either it was poor foundation-piecing or heavy handed cutting. To my embarrassment, it was my block! (I was able to find more fabric and make good the block later!) All good things come in threes, and the next snag was a block which had a black felt tip stain on one side. This was found to be Ruth's block, and despite careful washing, the stain couldn't be removed. Luckily, it was right on the edge and once it was sewn into its row, the stain was contained in the seam allowance! Hooray!

We decided to make the top easier to quilt, by dividing it into three sections, and joining them together later. We had worked so hard that there was even time to layer up the sections. Di and Jane were delighted that we had accomplished so much in the time. Thanks to all the block-makers, and we'll have the whole quilt ready soon.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Visit to Trentham

It was with some misgivings that our group travelled to the 'Quilts in the Garden' exhibition, which, this year, wasn't in the garden! Heavy snow earlier in the year had brought down the marquee at Trentham, so an alternative venue (a conference centre) had been booked. However, nobody need have worried, as all thought the alternative venue offered more space and better facilities and hope it is staged there again. There was a nice caferteria serving reasonably priced food (eat your heart out NEC!) and a lovely room for those who had brought a packed lunch to eat in comfort (again, a little different from the NEC!) There was room for more traders and plenty of space between the quilt stands. Most of the group went on to enjoy Trentham in the afternoon as it was so sunny.

This quilt won the first place in the Heritage category

This is Ruth's entry in same class. It is Manx quilting, a form of log cabin, but traditional to the Isle of Man.
This wall-hanging was rather interesting.

Here is a beautiful example of hand applique & quilting

This quilt took first place in the wallhanging class and was the overall champion.

Bottle Kilns - a visitor choice for many, and a symbol of Staffordshire heritage.

Fantastic workmanship - Hardanger blocks which had been hand pieced immaculately.

This quilt was a group's 25th anniversary celebration quilt - such fun!

Some of the Contemporary Quilt Group's "Thin Blue Line" challenge quilts.
Paula & Di having an energy boost to keep them going all day!