Friday, 20 March 2015

March Meeting

While Lynda's away the ladies will play and we certainly did! The meeting didn't end until almost 10 o'clock.  I had visions of us all turning into pumpkins!  
The speaker was Amanda Hall from monkey buttons. She told us all about how her business started and grew.  She went from designing one or two patterns a year to sometimes producing six a month! She now has a catalogue of about 130 designs.  That's a lot of bags! 
She had lots of different bags to show us and talked about why she used particular techniques, and how she found that television cable makes amazing bag handles!

She also showed us some of her gorgeous quilts. This jelly roll quilt was particularly stunning. And was very out of her comfort zone with the vivid colours.

 This one she preferred as the colours were more muted. 

We then had show and tell.  Here is Di's lovely fussy cut cushion.
Maggies bag, made using a YouTube tutorial 
Maria's gorgeous Xmas quilt-either very early or a tad late!

And Muriel's fab Tula pink quilt, which was absolutely stunning. The back was quilted in pink which really looked great against the navy blue. 
And to end the night we had the raffle.  June had done an amazing job again, this time with lovely green fabric with a malteser chocolate Easter bunny for a treat! 
The next day was a workshop with Amanda, so next months show and tell should be full of gorgeous handbags, and a couple of chickens from Maria and Margaret for some variety.  I'm thinking we should install a catwalk to show all the bags off!