Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Usually groups have to bribe their members to come to their AGM, with cheese and wine or other attractions, but that's not so at Piecemakers.  Our AGM is a chance to review all the things we have done in the year, and for the members to voice any concerns or ideas they have.  This year was the same as usual.  There were nearly 50 people present, and we had covered everything in less than half an hour! Perfect!  Then it was on to the fun part of the evening, making doves for our entry to the Misterton Church Christmas Tree Festival. 

People were very diligent in cutting out and sewing the felt, 

and it was all eyes down here! 

Some people used the time to chat; it's great to catch up on the gossip. 

I don't know what piece of gossip Vicki is imparting here, but Ruth looks pretty shocked! 

This table managed well despite the lights not working in this corner of the room.  Good job they were sewing white fabric! 

June had pulled out all the stops (as usual) and had Halloween fabric with some rather funky flashing ghosts.  They looked very cute. 

Everyone must have been very busy finishing their exhibition entries, as there was very little show and tell.  This is a lovely cushion made by Di.  

This is a scrappy Linus quilt made by me.  It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern which uses up lots of 2.5" strips and squares.  I think the turquoise binding pulls it nicely together. 

Janet had made this splendid wall hanging.  The fruit looks luscious. 

And lastly, here is a gorgeous Christmas wall hanging made by Gaynor.  She said her favourite part is the penguins.  I like everything about it! 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Workshop evening

The September meeting was four different workshops to make sewing accessories.  Vicki was demonstrating a clips holder, Gwyneth a thread carrier, Janet a bag with see through front and Ann a rotary cutter pouch.

Vicki is showing how to make the clip holder here. 

Here is the rotary cutter holder group. 

Gwyneth is making sure everyone is on task with the thread carrier. 

This group was making the bag with see through front.  Everyone enjoyed their evening and most people finished their item.  I know I was very pleased with mine! 

June was bang on trend with her raffle theme - autumn baking! 

Show and tell started with these beauties.  The one on the left was made at a workshop at the FOQ, and the other one followed from That!  Gorgeous! 

Vicki made this quilt for Project Linus using leftovers from another quilt.  Great colours. 

This is a very clever use of charm squares.  The off set arrangement looks really effective. 

This is a Linus quilt made from a half jelly roll.  Well, it should have been but this one was made of the equivalent in 2.5" strips, plus a 9.5" square.  It's really quick and easy to make and looks very 

This is a BOM quilt in gorgeous colours.  The books are named for the books on the maker's granddaughter's book shelf.  Great idea. 
We are looking forward to our next meeting, when we will be making doves to decorate a tree at the Misterton Church Christmas tree festival.  You will need to bring white thread, a small piece of freezer paper if you have it, a small amount of stuffing and your usual sewing kit. 
Don't forget your exhibition entries and sales table or tombola items. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

September workshops

Our September meeting will be four workshops to make sewing accessories.  These will be a rotary cutter pouch, a pop up thread bin, a Clover clip storer and a bag with a see through front.  There are only ren places on each workshop, so if you haven't signed up yet, email me on and I'll add you to your preferred list.
Unfortunately I don't have any photos at the moment, but I have the requirements lists.

Bag with clear plastic front
Main fabric (you can cut it from a fat quarter)
Cut 2 - 8" x 9.5"
       1 - 6" x 9.5"
        1 - 4" x 9.5"
        2 - 4" x 4"
       1 - 2.5" x 12"
        1 - 1.5" x 4"
Wadding or fleece
Cut 1 - 8" x 9.5"
      2 - 1.5" x 9.5"
      1 - 1.5" x 9.5"
      1 - 2.5" x 9.5"
1 x 14" zip.
Clear vinyl 4" x 6.5". (Janet will bring some to buy for a small fee if you don't have any)
Sewing machine and usual sewing kit.

Rotary cutter case
Outer fabric - 19" x 4"
Lining fabric - 19" x 4"
Wadding - 19" x 4"
Fabric for binding
Sewing machine and usual sewing kit.

Clip holder
Clip holders four pieces 4" x 1.25" sorry, Blogger is driving me insane when I try to alter the instructions!  It's four pieces 4" x 2" . 
Clipholder foundations four pieces 5" x 1"
End pieces two pieces 5" x 1.75" 
Lentils, rice etc for filling.
Matching thread
Sewing machine and usual sewing kit. 

Other requirements lists to follow.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Katharine Guerrier

Hi It was a new venture for Piecemakers to have a meeting in August, but since it had been requested at the AGM, we decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but I heard that not only was it well attended, but thoroughly enjoyable!  I think the fact that the speaker was Katharine Guerrier must have affected this, and i'm just sorry I missed it.  Katharine originally attended Camberwell College of Art, so has an artist's eye, which is very evident in her fabulous use of colour. 

This log cabin 9-patch shows great colour mastery. 

And this HST quilt is just fabulous. 

Katharine is very much known for her scrap quilts.  This is a great example. 

Here are some more.  I think her use of batiks adds to the jewel like quality. 

She has also designed various lovely foundation pieced designs.  These are seaside ones made into a wall hanging. . 

Here the designs have been made into a small quilt.  The boats really seem to be sailing on that swirling sea! 

The recent warm weather, summer holidays and gardening season made for only a few items for show and tell.  Here is a Bonnie Hunter design, Easy Street, looking stunning. The colours are beautiful. 

A capacious bag displayed by Beverley. 

An embroidered cushion displayed by Vicki. 

This is meticulous piecing and masterful quilting. 

And lastly, a baby quilt for a little girl (no doubt!) with matching cube, Lovely. 
Please remember that our exhibition is coming up in October.  Make sure you have given Ruth your yellow form detailing which items you would like to show.  Also, we would like game made items for the tombola.  This can be anything from a pincushion to a tote bag, a coaster to a table runner.  Please try to make a couple of items for this popular fund raiser. See you in September! 

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Edwina Mackinnon

July's meeting went like a dream - Edwina Mackinnon was an excellent speaker and the weather was a lot cooler than at the June meeting.  The only snag was that I forgot my iPad, so couldn't take any photos!  Luckily Emily came to the rescue with her phone, so thank you very much to her. 

Edwina is very keen on dyeing and colour, and the first quilt she showed was an inspiration for those of us who want to develop our use of colour.  The quilting on this quilt was a treat, as it was circles, which really enhanced the overall design. 

Here is Edwina with a group piece, which (predictably) came in at various sizes.  It's good to know that even experienced quilters have their problems with accuracy. 

And here she is with one of her 'Sushi' quilts.  This one is painted and pieced then machine and hand quilted.  She was a lovely speaker and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her talk. 

There wasn't very much show and tell - the recent hot weather must have sapped people's energy - but what there was, was of the usual high standard. First is Chris's spider web quilt in blue.  Gorgeous! 

A blast from the past, an op- art quilt I made a while ago.  Sue had seen a quilt like this on the internet and wanted to make one.  Well, she asked if I would teach a class on it!  I declined but said I would lend her the book!  We'll wait eagerly to see her version! 

Here is a Linus quilt I have finally finished.  I made the flying geese in the dim and distant past, and they have been lingering in a box waiting to fly.  I have made them into a stripy with some green robot fabric.  Flying geese and robots - a match made in heaven! 

After the cathedral window workshop, Ann made her sample into this lovely cushion.  

She also made this bag from some scraps of linen like fabric.  It was quite stiff and very roomy. 

And last but not least, Di had made a zippy roll up bag.  The front was cleverly made from selvedges, and looked very bright and cheerful. 
At the September meeting, we will be having a sewing evening, making sewing accessories.  There will be a choice between a pop-up bits container, a Clover clips holder, a bag with a clear plastic front and a rotary cutter pouch.  There will be ten places on each workshop and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Requirements will be available at the next meeting, and I will also put them on the blog too. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Linus sewing evening

We have been having a Linus sewing evening for several years, and I'm very grateful to all the members for coming along and making something for charity.  I always try and find an interesting pattern, and this year it was Spider's Web.  There are good instructions on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog, under free patterns for those who couldn't make it that evening. 

This is the kind of thing we were aiming for, except in scrappy colours.  People quickly got into gear! 

Chris was the flattening lady for this table, and Julie said she could do with a full time assistant, as she made everything go smoothly! 

This group beavered away and resisted the urge to match colours!  I forgot to ask people not to match, but it wouldn't have made much difference.  Some people just can't do scrappy, no matter how hard they try - they need order in their lives! 

Jan had an assistant too - teamwork is the name of the game! 

This group was super prolific!  They made more than one block each! 

Here are the finished blocks!  Fifteen completed blocks, which with one more block will make a great 4 x 4 block quilt.  Great work for just one hour.  Thank you so much everyone!  And the bonus is, that my scrap drawer is now only half full!  Result! 

June's response to the recent very hot nights is Insomnia.  Starry sky fabric and a little chocolate to send you off to sleep.  Perfect! 

We also had one members' sales tables.  People paid £2 to have a table, and there were lots of bargains to be had.  

The Four Seasons Challenge blocks were all very different and interesting. 

Lots of good ideas here. 
There wasn't very much show and tell, as hot weather, holidays and gardens had used up quilting time. 

This is a UFO which has finally made it to the finish.  Hooray! 

And another UFO, this one destined for Linus.  Thank you. 

This beautiful animal quilt has been made by Nik.  It's a shame you can't see the quilting, as that is animals too. 

Here are my pineapples, made from leftover 2.5" squares.  I really had fun making this one for Linus. 

Yet another quilt using 2.5" squares.  The green fabric is insects.  

This is my Sarah Fielke BOM for 2017 Happy Days.  It is completely finished.  I thoroughly enjoyed making it, and love the finished quilt.  I'm halfway through her 2017 BOM, so must be a glutton for punishment! 

Here are some cathedral window blocks made at the Lynne Edwards workshop making a handy glasses case.  Gorgeous colours. 

This is a baby quilt made by Pam, which she backed with fleece.  She didn't like the corners, so added fleece tassels to them.  Very pretty. 

Sorry I've chopped the bottom off this wall hanging, as it's beautiful.  I love the purple border. 

This is another wall hanging made by Pam.  The birds look very realistic! 
The evening was very hot, so it was good to see so many people had made the effort to turn out, and to remember to bring back their yellow sheet with the details of the items they will be sending to the exhibition.  The rest of us, please bring them to the next meeting!