Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Techniques workshop

The techniques workshop evening had the hall buzzing! There were lots of people there, and everyone enjoyed having a 'hand-on' experience. Unfortunately, I was so concerned to make sure I had everything I needed for my workshop, I completely forgot my camera! S o no photos of the workshops, and none of the gorgeous show and tell either! Suffice it to say that everyone I spoke to felt they had learned something that evening (I learned that I need to have my camera tied to my person permanently!) and all the workshops were much appreciated. We will repeat this format in May, so look out for a whole new set of opportunities!
The sales table was even better than ever! There were bargains galore, and few were able to completely resist going home with an extra goodie or two.

The March meeting will be a Half Square Triangle Competition.

For this, you need to pair up with a friend. Between you, you will need a sewing machine, neutral thread, small cutting board, rotary cutter, ruler (square if you have one) and soft pencil. The fabric will be supplied, in the form of 5" squares, and the aim will be to produce as many 4.5" half square triangles as possible in 60 minutes! There will be a prize for the winner, so don't miss this meeting!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Technique workshops

The February meeting will be a hands-on meeting, with four different workshops on offer. (Of course, if you would just like to come, observe and chat, that's fine!) Each workshop can take up to ten people, and as of today, they all have spaces, if you didn't manage to come to the last meeting and book your place.

Brenda will be offering hand quilting, which should be a treat, as Brenda is a wonderful hand quilter! She will bring some marked sandwiches and you will need thread, a small (quilting)
needle and two thimbles.

Muriel will be showing quilt as you go, for which you will need a sewing machine, some backed, wadded and quilted blocks and a fat quarter of fabric.

Lynda will be showing a foundation pieced spring basket block. For this you will need your sewing machine, a piece of cream or cream on cream fabric 12"x 13", pieces of brown/ochre/rust or your preferred basket colour 6.5"x1.5". You will need 13 altogether, but can swap with others if you don't have a variety of designs. A scrap of brown or toning colour for the basket sides and handle at least 12"x5". Rotary cutter, ruler, mat and a postcard (used or plain!).

Ruth will show a technique for "Dual Image Applique", which was developed by Dilys Fronks. You will need to bring - 3 x 6inch squares of light coloured fabric, 1x 6 inch square of darker fabric, 2 x 6inch squares of thin wadding, 1 x 5 inch square of Bondaweb, a small cutting board, a rotary cutter, small sharp embroidery scissors, scissors for paper, a pencil, machine thread to blend with darker fabric, sewing machine, baking parchment. Ruth has spares of most of these items so only bring what you already have.

If you want to join any workshops, leave a comment on this post or email me. See you there!