Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mary Mayne workshop

Last Thursday Mary led a workshop for us. there were two choices of projects, one was a spring wall-hanging (based on her gorgeous winter one, which some people have already made) and a rainforest quilt. Unfortunately I had to work that day, so was spared the agony of having to decide which one to do, but meant that I couldn't share in the fun.

As usual, there were plenty of takers for the workshop, although the hall is big enough to give everyone plenty of working space.

I'm guessing that this is Mary's rainforest sample - unless someone was extremely speedy (and talented!) on the day. The batik fabrics are perfect for this lush environment.

Jill looks a little bemused in this photo, but the strips in her hand show that her spring scene is progressing well.

It's always good to stop for lunch - not only does it refuel the body, but refreshes the mind as well. However, I hope Mary, Paula, Jill and June didn't eat all of June's delicious Rose Petal cake by themselves! They would have slept through the rest of the day!

Here are the spring scenes all ready to have their foliage put on,

and the rainforests ready for their final embellishments. Mary proved to be a patient and inspiring teacher, and we are already talking about inviting her back!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Mary Mayne

We had been looking forward to hearing Mary Mayne talk about her quilts last year, but unfortunately her daughter was ill, and she had to cancel. We were pleased to hear that her daughter is now much better, and that the talk was well worth waiting for.

Mary is a quilter very much to our tastes. She is a traditional quilter, with self-taught beginnings and an excellent sense of humour.

Here she is, with a huge pile of quilts behind her. She started patchwork by making hexagons over papers (a common introduction to the craft), but when she came to join them together, found they were actually octagons, and wouldn't tessellate at all! She quickly moved on to machine piecing, and has never looked back.

Here is a quilt which she made from a pattern she bought in America. The original pattern was for a very large quilt and Mary scaled it down (with the designer's permission) to make it more manageable.

This small quilt was inspired when she had to move her son's trainers from the middle of the floor - why do they all do this?- and discovered the lovely pattern on the sole. She used the trainers as a stamp to print on fabric, and took pictures which were the basis for the centre design. Many people have seen (and made) this fabulous Christmas quilt, which Mary designed. It's a mixture of patchwork (Ohio stars and log cabin blocks) and applique (snowmen, angels, reindeer etc), with borders of trees and stars. It's great fun to make, and Mary can supply the pattern on application.Here is the quilt many people were keen to see, as it was the basis for one of the quilts Mary was to be teaching at the workshop the next day. It was inspired by the Australian Rainforest.

After Mary had finished her talk, people were very keen to see the quilts close to, and admire them in greater detail.

Others had their minds set on taking home a bargain from either the Project Linus Rummage table or this sales table where the donations go towards our charity of the Air Ambulance.

After a lovely cup of coffee it was time for the show and tell. Sylvia showed the quilt she has made for her grandaughter Sian. It's a masterpiece of scraps!

Andrea had brought this gorgeous stack-and-whack quilt, and I heard several people round me say, 'I've always wanted to do a stack-and-whack quilt myself!' It would have been interesting to see the original fabric.

Bunty must have been meticulous in her piecing to complete this sizzling interlocked chain quilt. It practically shimmers!

Beverley is expecting two grandchildren very shortly, and has obviously had to make them both a welcome quilt. This one with teddies on it must have been great fun to make.

Sue likes to be ready early for Christmas. This was a mystery quilt which she started last year, but didn't get finished in time for the festive season. Never mind, that's the beauty of Christmas, it comes round every December without fail!

Carolyn had taken some pink Linus blocks, and alternated them with some lovely blocks with dogs on them. This will delight a dog-loving little girl. There were several other small quilts donated to Project Linus for the neo-natal unit. Thank you to everyone.