Friday, 30 March 2012

We're all human!

We were all looking forward to the March meeting and hearing all about quilts and the Underground Railroad, but when it got to 7.30 and our speaker, Janice Cook, hadn't arrived, we began to get a little concerned. Although Walcote Memorial Hall is notoriously difficult to find, Ruth was sure she had given clear directions. Eventually Ruth rang to check, only to find that Janice had written the booking onto the wrong page in her diary, and was all set to come the next day!  It's always heartening to find that it's not just me who does that kind of thing!  So Ruth has rebooked Janice for 2013 and we had an evening of show and tell, and then some lovely social time.  Quilty chat - we all love it!
Sarah brought her 'Highly Commended' quilt from the Bletchly exhibition for us all to admire.  It's gorgeous!  (The back is really interesting too.  For some reason, the photo has ended up at the bottom of this post.  Sorry, Sarah!)

This is the lovely Lynne Edwards sampler quilt which Muriel made as a Flutterwheels challenge.  The group challenged themselves to make different blocks from Lynne's book, and then assembled them using 'quilt as you go'.  Muriel enjoyed (most of) the blocks, but wasn't impressed with the assembly method.
Here are some more Flutterwheels quilts.  This year's challenge is to make scrappy quilts, and we started with Bonnie Hunter's scrappy bargello.  Everyone loved making this quilt, and were surprised at the super results.  If you like this quilt, the instructions are on Bonnie's website, Quiltville.

Paula is indefatiguable in her support for Project Linus, and she has a great way with colour.  These pinwheels blocks were orphans (they aren't actually as wishy washy as they look here!) and she decided to zing them up with some bright orange.  They have certainly been zinged!

Here is another Linus quilt from Paula.  This one was a set of little panels, beautifully sashed.  Thanks Paula.

Jan is another big supporter of Project Linus.  She did a workshop on maling cushions with a group of ladies, and had bought lots of panels to make the job easier.  These were left over, and have made this lovely cot quilt,
and this lovely cot quilt.  Thanks Jan.

Doreen went to a fabric bowl making workshop, and has made this gorgeous bowl out of silk waste.  The photo hasn't done it justice, as the colours and the silk really make it glow.

She was also inspired by Jenny Rolfe to make this little rectangualr bag decorated with buttons.  Very effective.

She is also a Linus lady, and had made this colourful top.  She loves piecing and binding quilts, but not layering and quilting, so Liz kindly took this away to finish.  What teamwork!

And here is a knitted log cabin!  Doreen said it was very easy and described the method, which sounded far from easy to me!  Maybe it was something you had to do, rather than listen to.

Gaynor had made some curved chenille at the recent workshop, and used the sample to make a bag.  Beautiful colours!

More Linus quilts, this time from Sue.  It's a pity I didn't get a photo of the backing, as it was umbrellas - very suitable for a Noah's Ark quilt! Thanks, Sue.
And here, to end with, is the back of Sarah's quilt.  What fabulous quilting!
If you have anything you have completed, please bring it to show, as we never criticise and love to see others' work.  Looking forward to even more inspiration next month!