Wednesday, 22 October 2008


AGM's aren't usually the most popular or enjoyable of meetings, but this one managed to be both! The attendance was good (except for Di, who was off enjoying herself elsewhere!) and as usual everyone seemed to have a good time.

The actual business of the meeting was fairly uneventful. Membership is good, funds are good and both meetings and workshops are popular and enjoyed. There were a couple of comments about the provision of half memberships (created because several members live on canal barges and are only in the area for the winter months) and refunds on workshops (only available in exceptional circumstances) which have been noted by the committee for further discussion. Since Di has stepped down as chair, there is a vacancy, which will be filled in the short-term by members of the committee taking it in turns to chair and organise a meeting each. Gill chaired this meeting very effectively. (She would make an excellent chair, hint, hint!) Some little thankyou gifts were given to Bunty and Andrea for organising the Group Quilt, and myself for keeping the blog. (It really is easy and if anyone wants to know how to set one up for photos of grandchildren or family contact etc I'm happy to show them.)

Then to the real events of the meeting. There was a reappearance of the ever-popular sales table. Elaine had had a rush of spring fever and had cleared out lots of fabric she knew she'd never use. Lots of people knew they would use it! Then there was the usual mixture of patterns, books, wool, and other goodies to buy.

There were three demo tables. Sharon showed how to make individual buttons from Fimo. Special buttons are really hard to find and very pricey, so this was a great idea.

Paula showed how to do hand quilting. She marks her fabric with watercolour pencils, which give a clear line, but wash right out.

I showed how to layer quilts the no-crawl way (from an original idea by Sharon Schamber) which people found very clever. It's one of those ideas which are so obvious, you can't work out why you haven't thought it up yourself! I have layered double quilts like this, so it works for any size of quilt.

There was also plenty of chance to catch up with the latest gossip or quilting idea over a cup of tea.Christmas is coming, and in show and tell, both Carolyn and Paula showed Christmas items they have made.

It's never too early to get thinking about the Festive Season!

Ruth had made this little prem quilt for Linus, along with a larger one in the same fabric. Thanks Ruth.Andrea showed this stunning row quilt which had apparently been languishing in her UFO box for quite a while. It seems she went off the colours while she was making it! They look stunning to me, but then, I always like a bit of lime green in a quilt!

At the end of the show and tell, Sylivia presented Bunty and Andrea with a thankyou from all the group for their hard work with the group quilt. She had been delegated to buy two bunches of flowrs, but ever practical, had decided that flowers are very short-lived, while a plant can go on for ever (well, not in this house, but I'm sure these plants will have a long life!) She bought a jasmine plant for each, with the thoughts that it could give pleasure indoors during the winter, and then move outdoors in the summer months. What a great idea!