Wednesday, 22 June 2011

June meeting

I wasn't able to get to the June meeting as I was sunning myself in the Aegean! I was sorry to miss the evening, although luckily Liz kindly took photos for us. (She apologised for not having all the details as she was concentrating on getting good shots without things sticking out of people's heads - bit of a change from the usual quality of photos then!)

This quilt looks like one made at a Ferret 'quilt in a day' workshop. What gorgeous bright colours!
This one was made from little pictures, and the off-set frames make it fun and quirky!

Muriel made two quilts, a brown one and a blue one from the same jelly roll. Can you see that the quilts are actually identical, but with different coloured borders? It's the border colour which changes the whole look of the quilt. How clever is that?

Another clever quilt from Muriel. These blocks have dark fabrics behind then which make them look 3D. Very effective.

Chris made this fabulous sampler quilt as a wedding gift for her son. He has married an American, so she chose blocks with names suitable for the occasion.

This pretty appliqued quilt is delicate and fresh.Here is Ann peeping over the top of a charming scrappy Irish Chain quilt. I bet she's hand pieced and quilted this beauty!And last but not least, Liz is holding a quilt she made for her son. She says it was quite taxing to draft, but the results are well worth the head scratching! Keep sewing and I'll hope to make the next meeting myself!