Monday, 24 August 2015

Extra-curricular activity

Although there have been no meetings over the summer, Piecemakers members haven't been idle.  The committee have been busy organising the exhibition, and a few of us were invited to do some sewing with children at the Little Rainbows summer club.  We decided to make shopping bags, as these are easy yet rewarding to make. There were only four children there on the day we went, but everyone enjoyed the activity. 

Here I am helping one young lady, who was a big fan of pink.  Next to her is a young man who was making the bag for his mum.  Good idea. 

Here is Paula helping a young lady who had a great sense of colour.  A psychedelic panel with a royal blue border.  Perfect. 

Both Paula and are paying close attention to the work.  Don't want any spiked fingers!  Maria kindly came along to be the 'flattening lady'.  Indispensable. 

And here are the completed bags.  Fabulous.  There was some talk afterwards of us going later in the year to make some little zippy bags.  Apparently after we had gone, the group were very disappointed to learn that zippy bags weren't going to be tomorrow's project!  They had obviously got the sewing bug!