Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Exhibition 2009!

Last weekend saw our second bi-annual quilt exhibition which was a great success. Not only were the quilts all varied and stunning, the sales table was groaning with goodies, the raffle was extremely popular and the cakes just melted in people's mouths! Over the two days, there were 169 visitors (which is nearly 50% more than our last exhibition's total of 120!), and lots of members lent their support on the door, sales table and raffle, as well as being 'quilt angels' ever ready to chat, advise and hand out white gloves.

Our Piecemakers banner was ready to advertise the show, and another set of quilted bunting added to the festive atmosphere.

Here is the sales table, strangely at this point with more helpers than customers! Lots of items were sold, including one quilt.

There were lots of delicious cakes to tempt people who were ready for a cup of tea and a chat. Even my cake was gone by the end of the show! Some visitors bought extra pieces of cake 'for my husband'. We believe them!

Di just didn't mange to step backwards fast enough (her husband did!) and is caught standing in front of the Christmas display.

The raffle was a novel concept. Members were asked to make a bag and/or cushion and visitors could buy a ticket and then enter a raffle for the bag or cushion they wanted to win. I was a bit concerned that my bag would be left at the end with no takers, but, as you can see, there was a lot of interest in the items, and all were claimed by their delighted owners at the end of the day.

Here is a view of some of the quilts, with Sylvia's coffin quilt in the centre of the picture. This fabulous quilt has been hand appliqued by Sylvia with Hawaiian designs, and has been made to cover her coffin when the time comes, which explains its unusual shape. We're hoping it won't come into use for many years!

And now for the quilts. Visitors were asked to vote for their favourites, which lead to a lot of head-scratching. With such a variety and such a high standard, it was a difficult decision.

Here is Chris's Mystery Quilt, completed at Rocheberie Quilters, and beautifully appliqued, with Chris herself standing in the background.

These two quilts, by Andrea and Bunty, are actually made from the same design! It's the use of value (dark and light fabrics) which has changed their looks completely.

A lovely sampler quilt in the front and Di's cheeky cat quilt at the back.

More cats, this time cross stitched by June, making for a whimsical look at feline life, with my French Roses at the side.

The quilt on the left was made by Tilley for her mother in law's 80th birthday, and has photos of places her mum has lived in the centres of the squares. A beautiful and clever use of photos. Can you recognise me on my family tree which I made for my Mum's 80th birthday. (Hint: I like lime green!) Eileen's quilt behind it was made as a Lucky Dip quilt from a pattern by Rebecca Collins.Some bright and cheerful quilts here, including a sew-a-row and a sizzling strips (in green and yellow). The tulip quilt is especially jaunty.

These quits illustrate perfectly the variety of techniques on display. There is Hawaiian applique, Irish Chain with embroidery, traditional blocks, bargello, improvised piecing (the pink letters) and raw edge applique. Such talented people!
Another set of colourful quilts, including two circles quilts made at the same workshop. These quilts are always fascinating, as they are always quite different in mood because of the different fabrics used. Although there were a lot of quilts to see, the exhibition didn't feel crammed. There was plenty of space to admire the quilts. The only problem was that it wasn't always easy to be certain you had seen them all. When they got home Gwyneth's husband asked her why she hadn't taken the pastels shirt quilt seen here - he'd completely missed it!
The high point of the exhibition for many people was our group quilt. It not only looks fabulous, but epitomises the ethos, not only of our group, but of quilters everywhere. Quilters are very supportive of each other, and celebrate others' efforts, no matter whether they are beginners or experts. We are all devotees of this wonderful craft, and happy to be so! Here's to the next exhibition in 2011!

Stop press!

I have just heard whose quilt was the Visitors' Choice 2009. It was number 35, which was a beautiful autumnal quilt by Liz. I can't believe that I didn't take a decent picture of it, although you can see the whole quilt in the photo under the one with Sylvia's coffin quilt in it, appropriately enough with the explanation about the Visitors' Choice! Luckily Ruth had a better photo of part of it, and here it is.

The block itself isn't complicated, being a stack-and-cut block. It's the fabulous colours and the machine quilted leaves and branches which make this such a stunning quilt. Congratulations, Liz!