Friday, 18 July 2008

Mile a minute evening

We like to have a balanced programme of speakers, hands on sessions and demonstrations to stimulate our members. This month's meeting was a hands on session, making Mile a Minute (sometimes called Chaos Crumb) blocks.
Lynda Hill lead this meeting, and showed the lovely sofa quilt she had made for her daughter. She started by showing crumbs (small pieces of fabric) and strings (long strips of fabric) which are the pieces which often end up in the waste bin. She gave a clear demonstration of how to make the blocks, and then people began work.

Well, not everyone was in sewing mood, which is fine. Chris, Rose and Gill used the time to catch up with the latest gossip. Sometimes you need a bit of time with like-minded people to recharge your batteries!

Lots of people got down to work. Paula is a past master at making MAM blocks, but Jenny and Eileen were first timers. They found it hard to have no set pattern, but soon enjoyed the freedom of not having to match or cut very liberating.

A kind of production line was organised at the other end of the room (maybe their proximity to the tea bar and the caffeine fumes inspired them!) with some people sewing, some cutting and some ironing. Excellent.

This doesn't mean they didn't make time to chat. Bunty had previously confessed that she found the scrappiness of these blocks too stressful for her precise mind, and although she had made several blocks which she donated to Project Linus, she really couldn't make any more. She went round encouraging and helping out other people - or nattering with Gaynor!

Some people wished they had brought along their ironing basket, as it would have been a good opportunity to reduce it slightly, in between ironing the strips!

Most of the people who had been on the Mary Mayne workshop had brought along finished quilts or tops for Show and Tell. Here are the Rainforests, (sorry the photo is a bit dark - I suppose it's quite authentic, though!)

and here are the Spring hangings. It's always so wonderful to see different interpretations of the same thing. Even though the two projects demanded similar colors, the results are quite varied.

Bunty had done a class on the internet, called 'Daisy Days' and hsd made this charming hanging.

Stephanie makes a quilt for any member of her family who is getting married - what an undertaking! The latest couple wanted a cream quilt! Stephanie has very cleverly used two shades of cream to make this stunning quilt.

Gaynor deserted her usual pinks and blues to make this colourful quilt, called 'Peep-bo!' It will delight any small child.

There will be no meeting of the group in August, so I hope everyong has a great summer, and I look forward to more activities in September.