Thursday, 21 October 2010


AGMs aren't usually a popular event on the calendar, but this one was a bit special. It was the 10th anniversary of Piecemakers! Piecemakers started in 2000, when Lynda Hill volunteered as part of Lutterworth's millennium celebrations, to set up a patchwork and quilting exhibition with four friends, Beverley Clare, Brenda Lincoln, Sylvia Palmer and Jane Payne. The exhibition in the Town Hall was a success, raising funds for Lutterworth Museum, and there were so many enquiries about a patchwork group, that a meeting was held to determine interest, and Piecemakers was born! Several founder members were invited along, and they all received a gift of a lovely rose plant.

Andrew Carpenter, the photographer from the 'Lutterworth mail' came and took a photo, so look out for it in next week's copy. The AGM itself was ably conducted by Paula, and since there were no contentious issues, was over in a short time. Then it was a chance to eat, drink, look and spend!

Everyone admired the cupcakes and cards which had been made for a raffle. All the cupcakes were different and all looked scrumptious! There was no difficulty finding homes for these delights.

The committee had provided refreshments, including beautiful edible cup cakes and lots of fruit for those of us who like to keep a balanced diet - cupcake in one hand, strawberry in the other : that's a balance, isn't it?Apart from the Linus rummage box and sales table, we were lucky to have local trader Ruth who brught some of her stock with her. She has lots of lovely Christmas and children's fabrics, which most people couldn't resist. Then onto the show and tell.

Di had bought this advent calendar cheaply, as it had a fault on it - would you believe there were two 9s! She was able to remedy this by a bit of creative applique, and now it's perfect!
Di was obviously in Christmas mood, as she had made all these Santas, most of them bottle bags for a charity sale.Bunty was also in Christmas mood, with this attractive hanging with little bells on it. very sophisticated colours there.
And what about this Santa hanging? He's wonderful!Bunty had been to a workshop with Ferret, which was optimistically titled 'quilt in a day'. She managed to make this quilt in the day, only having the binding to sew on at home! And it's fully reversable! Two different looks for the price (and time) of one!Doreen had been tempted by these cute farm motifs, and cleverly used them for a quilt border. How good is that? She was (justifyably) very proud of this little quilt. She calls it 'Man' and is the first completely original design she has ever made. She said it came to her one night when she couldn't sleep. Can you see the one with the heart? He's the one for her!