Tuesday, 26 April 2016

April meeting

We were all looking forward to the April meeting.  We were starting our new Brown Bag Challenge, and had Gilli Theokritoff booked as a speaker (and the word on the street is that when she came to a local group, they said she was the best speaker they had heard in a long time!).  We set up the tables ready for Gilli, and waited.  When it got to 7.30 and she hadn't arrived, we thought there had been problems on the M1, and pulled forward to show and tell. Eventually we managed to ring her, to find she had had such a hectic week that she had completely forgotten about us!  She was mortified, and promised to come and speak next year.  We are all human and fallible, so we understood, and enjoyed the chance to have a nice long tea break and natter! 

Show and tell was the highlight of the evening, and I brought the string blocks we had made last meeting, made into three Linus quilts.  First was this pink one, sashed with white.  Pretty. 

This rainbow quilt,

and this fun baby quilt. String blocks are very versatile! 

This quilt was made from left overs. Mi love the turquoise and pink.

This is Vicki's Sashiko cushion.  She's not usually a hand sewer, but found this really relaxing and satisfying. 

Here is another lovely Claice Cliffe wall hanging.  Gorgeous. 

The browns and golds in this quilt play beautifully with the white frames.  Rich and sophisticated. 

Debbie has made herself a blocksaver book.  It has a stiff cover and wadding pages, and she's using it to keep blocks flat and organised.  

Can you see what is written on the central panel?  Piecemakers!  Great use of it in a beautiful bag. 

And last but not least, here is Paula's lovely bag.  The embroidery is lovely, and the colours of the bag complement it perfectly - I love the touch of red amongst the blue.  
Despite having no speaker, we had a very pleasant evening, and look forward to hearing GilÅ‚i's talk next year.