Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Mary Mayne workshop

Last Thursday Mary led a workshop for us. there were two choices of projects, one was a spring wall-hanging (based on her gorgeous winter one, which some people have already made) and a rainforest quilt. Unfortunately I had to work that day, so was spared the agony of having to decide which one to do, but meant that I couldn't share in the fun.

As usual, there were plenty of takers for the workshop, although the hall is big enough to give everyone plenty of working space.

I'm guessing that this is Mary's rainforest sample - unless someone was extremely speedy (and talented!) on the day. The batik fabrics are perfect for this lush environment.

Jill looks a little bemused in this photo, but the strips in her hand show that her spring scene is progressing well.

It's always good to stop for lunch - not only does it refuel the body, but refreshes the mind as well. However, I hope Mary, Paula, Jill and June didn't eat all of June's delicious Rose Petal cake by themselves! They would have slept through the rest of the day!

Here are the spring scenes all ready to have their foliage put on,

and the rainforests ready for their final embellishments. Mary proved to be a patient and inspiring teacher, and we are already talking about inviting her back!

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