Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Exhibition success!

This weekend has been our exhibition and it was a great success.
The committee had several meetings to plan it and have thrashed out such weighty matters as where to put the refreshment tables, who has got the white gloves, who can make an 'A' board and how much to charge for teas and coffees! Seriously, the planning beforehand made the whole setting up of the exhibition, not exactly stress-free, but well organised. Unfortunately, we couldn't set up until 9pm on the Friday night before the event, so people were hard at work till midnight, erecting quilt stands and hoisting quilts, then back at 9am the next morning to add the last few quilts, put the finishing touches to the sales table and add to the other displays. Luckily, we had plenty of helpers, and all was ready for the chairman of Harborough District Council to cut the ribbon and declare the exhibition open at 11 o'clock, bang on schedule!
Here is the banner in place, to welcome people to the hall (and reassure them that they were in the right place, as some had difficulty finding the hall, despite our 'A' board on the main road, and lots of other signs.)
Lots of visitors came to look at the quilts (and have a natter).
We even had some male visitors - I think they really came for the cake!
I hope that lady isn't touching the quilts, as there were plenty of notices to warn, and white gloves in case you felt the need!
At the back of the hall we had a display of cushions, bags, Christmas decorations and small wall-hangings, in fact, all the things which were left over!
Quillows from the recent quillow workshop were much admired, and we were kept busy showing how to fold them away and get them out again. Challenging stuff!
There was a lot of interest in the sales table, as quilters never visit an exhibition without taking their cheque books - just in case!

Final stop for most people was the refreshments room, where teas, coffees, squash and a wide selection of home-made cakes were available. (I was amazed to find that my cake sold out on Saturday! It's usually still hanging around at the end, and then I have to bring it home - and eat it myself!)

By 4pm on Sunday we had had over 120 visitors, all of whom enjoyed their visit. There were many positive comments in the Visitors' Book, and we look forward to welcoming more quilting enthusiasts next time.

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Anonymous said...

The male visitor was my Dad and he was definitely in it for the cake!