Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Christmas Extravaganza!

Our November meeting was a chance to see some ideas for Christmas decorations and presents. We had six different demonstrations, free refreshments - including my first mince pie of the season!- a free raffle and of course, lots of show and tell.

Paula showed some lovely little Christmas stockings, which could be used as tree or room decorations or even hold small gifts. A string of these along a mantlepiece would look very traditional!

June had made these cute Father Christmas serviette holders. These were easy to make and would enhance any festive table.

Stephanie demonstrated a Christmas angel which had been featured in 'Patchwork and Quilting' magazine. It's much better to see something than just try and work it out for yourself with the instructions. Stephanie gave lots of tips on how to adapt the method so it was even simpler, and didn't need such hard to find components.

Lynda showed her Easy Advent Calendar. There was some skepticism when she said there was time to make it before December 1st, but after seeing the method, most people agreed it was indeed very easy and very quick!

Di showed how to make those gorgeous Christmas trees made of triangles. They look fiddly, but so delicate and attractive when complete. They give an ideal opportunity to use up all those beads and sequins which seemed so necessary when bought, but somehow lurk at the bottom of your work box unused.Gill gave patterns for some lovely foundation-pieced Christmas motifs, which could be used for cards, labels, bags, table mats or even together in a mini-quilt. Many people fight shy of foundation piecing as it seems so complicated ( not to say ridiculous - putting your fabric on the back where you can't see it and then sewing it to a piece of paper!) but the accuracy it brings and the chance to sew very complex shapes makes it a firm favourite for many projects.

Once they had visited all the demo tables and had refreshments, some people took the opportunity to chat (and sew the binding of their show and tell!)

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to talk to friends old and new, and wish all a happy Christmas and a healthy new year!

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

That looks like we are having a good time...and a good chat! not much sewing of the binding was going on!...and can I state for the record...the jolly atmosphere had nothing to do with the keg shown in one of the pictures. We were all well behaved! :o)