Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Box Day

On Saturday 23rd February, we held one of our popular workshops. Seventeen people gathered to make a beautiful box under Di's excellent tutelage. Di is an excellent teacher, well-organised, methodical, encouraging and patient. Here she is checking that all is well.

We are lucky that the hall at Walcote has plenty of room for all to have the space to work comfortably yet companionably.

All the participants worked really hard all day, as you can see, to try and get their boxes finished. The drying time of the glue was a major irritation. Why does it take so long, even when you have used the whole contents of your peg bag to hold the fabric layers together and help it along?

The variety of fabrics which people choose for their projects is always interesting, and if Freud were there, he would have a field day, identifying characters and the inner workings of the mind. Some people chose beautiful fabric with sewing items on (a safe and suitable choice), some fabrics which were chosen for their colours (the arty choice), floral fabrics (the feminine choice), a stunning black and white fabric (the discerning choice) and some fabric with tea bags on it (the divergent thinker's choice!).

You can see how many pegs were needed to hold the layers together while they dried.

Here, Paula concentrates on the task in hand while Jenny has a break and a natter.
Di shows how the finished box base will look when it has been assembled. Unfortunately none of the boxes were actually completed on the day, despite all the hard work. However, the participants assured Di that they will complete them all for show and tell at the next meeting. We'll look out for them all.

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