Thursday, 18 September 2008

Charles Rennie Mackintosh evening

I had been looking forward to hearing this talk by Dora Mack for months, and it all went a bit pear-shaped (for me; I think everyone else had a good time). I arrived at the hall, having realised I was making the teas with only enough time to call at the corner shop for milk and biscuits, to find that I had left the tea box in my garage! Poor Beverley had kindly given me a lift, and so had to take me home to fetch the essentials of the meeting! This meant that we were late back to the hall and Dora was in full flow when we crept in and took our seats.
That was when I realised that I had also forgotten to bring my camera, which means no photos in this post. What a shame. Dorahad brought some lovely books, pamphlets and images to illustrate her fascinating talk, and I was not only unable to photograph them, but also to look at them, as I was busy making teas and coffees! Here is a Google image of the famous Rennie Mackintosh rose as a consolation.

I was lucky that Stephanie took pity on me in the kitchen, and kept the kettles boiling. It would have been a disaster to have had no refreshments!
Then, when all was under control, and caffine had been dispensed, Di dropped her bombshell. She has decided for personal reasons to step down from the chair with immediate effect. We were all so disappointed that nobody stood up to give a vote of thanks or anything. It was perhaps as well, as everyone was feeling a bit emotional, and it could have ended in tears. I would like to say a big thankyou to Di for her work over the last three years as chair, for all her hard work, unfailing good humour and encouragement to us all. All we need now, is for someone to step forward to fill this empty position on our comittee.
As ever, show and tell was inspirational, with a good number of Linus quilts happily scooped up by me. I promise to take my camera to the next meeting, so watch out!

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Anonymous said...

Di is a star and will be missed as chairwoman. Nik