Wednesday, 16 September 2009


The exhibition is coming up fast, and all the arrangements are now in place. The hall will be open to the public between 10 and 4 on Saturday 10th October and Sunday 11th October. Obviously the quilts will have to be put up the day before, and the hall will be open from about 3.45 on Friday for receipt and hanging of quilts. The quilts must have a hanging sleeve of about 4", either sewn or safety-pinned on, ready to hang. You can either bring your quilts to the meeting tonight, bring them to the hall on Friday 9th or to my house in Lutterworth if that's more convenient. E-mail me for the address.

All quilts must have a label, telling the name of the quilt, the maker and a brief description, eg.
Fried Egg by Freda Bloggs.
I made this quilt for my husband's birthday, used lots of yellow as I thought it was sunny and bright and called it 'Sunshine'. He took one look at it, and said, 'All that white and yellow makes it look like a fried egg!' so the name was changed!
Bring the description to the meeting, or email it to me and I'll forward it to the relevant person.

Refreshments will be a popular feature of the weekend, and members are being asked to make cakes to sell. These can be brought to the hall on Friday or on the day.
Bags and cushions can also be brought at the same time, as can the items for the sales table. Make sure your sales items are clearly labelled with a removeable label (can be sticky or pinned) giving your name and the price of the item. 10% of that price will be retained by the group. If you are willing to donate all the proceeds to the group, just write 'DON' on the label instead.
The show will end on Sunday at 4pm, so please come and collect your quilts then or arrage for someone to do it for you.
Get ready for a wonderful show!

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