Sunday, 21 March 2010

March meeting

This month's meeting was a relaxed one, making a beautiful, yet simple wall-hanging by Jenny Almond. Jenny is a very experienced teacher, who gives clear and precise instructions in a friendly manner.

Here are her samples of what the finished article will look like.

She was generous in her advice, and even experienced quilters benefited from her tips on mitring corners, and joining binding.

Many people brought machines and fabric to make these designs.
Some just brought cutting equipment,

and others took the opportunity to brouse and chat!
Some people really worked hard, and Jill was one of several who managed to assemble the pieces. What wonderful colour choices!

Moast of the stars for the group quilt had been brought in, and they are looking fabulous! We also had volunteers to help Ruth and Lynda assemble it (thank goodness!)

Andrea had discovered these Mile a Minute blocks in her UFO box, and joined them together for Project Linus. She was surprised how good they looked when they were finished!
Stephanie and Bunty had made these gorgeous scenes in a workshop with Jenny. They are both so different! Nik had made this quilt for Project Linus. I t's actually a masterclass in using scraps. The dark sections are all made from scraps, and the quilt is unified by the lime green and the lighter sections. You can't see it here, but it's also beautifully quilted. Nik, you're a star! Gaynor made this quilt at a retreat. Well, she made most of the blocks, but ran out of the cream fabric before she had got the quilt to the required size. She cleverly added two piano keys borders to add a bit of extra width.
Ruth and Gaynor brought the quilts they had made in Anja Townrow's workshop - Gaynor's suitably pastel and Ruth's suitably bright.Ruth has been fascinated by Manx quilting. On the Isle of man they traditionally made log cabin blocks, but using folded strips. She decided to make a piece for exhibition, called Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. On the left is a piece of traditionally made Manx quilting, in the centre a contemporary piece, and on the right, a piece of art quilting. They are cleverly linked together with the three-legged symbol of the island. Good luck, Ruth - we think it's a winner!Ruth has been extra busy recently and completed this quilt for a challenge. The challenge fabric has butterflies on it, hence the wings!Here are two scrap qilts made from left overs in the same colour. A great way to reduce your scrap box!

But of course, you don't need to restrict your scrap quilts to one hue, as the more colours you have, the better! Here's a quilt made a strippy/crazy style, and looking good!This quilt is mine, and was made using the star blocks which I won in a raffle. I was so pleased with them that I designed the Irish Chain block to eke them out and make a double bed quilt. It's on its way to my sister-in-law for her birthday. Hope she likes it. Liz's husband keeps Koi carp, and so she has made this gorgeous quilt for him. The centre is a panel, and she has added borders to make it the right size. The flowers on the black are actually beautifully executed broderie perse. And finally, a chirpy chicken to wish everyone Happy Easter!

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