Thursday, 27 May 2010

Stash-busting demos

This month's meeting with stash-busting demos was really interesting - so interesting that I forgot to take any photos until the demos had been packed away! I showed my scrappy hearts demo, where I had a heart quilt made from a bag of Andrea's left-overs. As she quite rightly says, other people's scraps are much more exciting than your own! I also showed a lovely scrap quilt made by Jane, which was simply 3.5" squares joined randomly to 2" by 3.5" bricks (you can do it using leaders and enders) and made a stunning quilt.
Ruth showed how to use scraps to make book covers, and gorgeous apple pin cushions. Fran and friends showed lots of fabric postcards, several of which had actually been posted! Tilly showed fabric flowers (so cute) which were very realistic.
When it came to show and tell, my camera was at the ready.
Doreen was first up, with the beautiful cushion she had made from the Jennie Rayment workshop at Rocheberie Quilters. It's given me some encouragement to do something with my blocks! She also made a couple of the lovely bags which Jenny Almond showed us. They are quite versatile, and can be used on lots of occasions.Has Gaynor been making attractive bags? No, they're two quillows, to which she has cleverly added carrying handles! A quillow is a quilt which folds up into a cushion (the Americans call cushions 'pillows', hence the name).Both quilts are made from jelly rolls in the same way, and it's hard to imagine that they fold up so neatly! Gaynor had also made this quilt in her favourite pastel colours in a kind of French braid design. This is another stash busting idea for using up fabric!

Stephanie had been to Jennie Rayment's workshop on Textured Landscapes, and had had a great day making this landscape of her own.

She had also made this quilt fpr a present. Apparently it was 'easy', as it was quilt as you go. Well, quilt as you go certainly makes the quilt sandwiches more manageable, but the extensive quilting can't have been all that simple!I showed this baby quilt for a colleague's imminently expected first grandchild. It was a Quiltmaker pattern, and went together very quickly. Fran had been making bags, using left over blocks. They look so different and interesting.We had some visitors from Daintre Quilters, who had thoughtfully brought some show and tell, 'just in case'. Ann said she wasn't a traditional quilter, and when having been given some fabric for a challenge, made this piece which she has decided is a garden! Can you see the path on the left of the quilt?

This quilt was one of a series of quilts inspired by World War 1. You can clearly see the devastated fields and the poppies. Lovely.

Her friend Mo was a more traditional quilter, and had made this stunning whole cloth quilt. I was lucky to get a photo which shows off the quilting designs so well. Thank you ladies for visiting, and we hope to see you again soon!

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Such beautiful quilts! Sounds like it was a good meeting.