Thursday, 20 January 2011

January meeting

Despite the cold weather (I had to scrape the ice off my car before I left home at 7pm!) there was a good turn out at January's meeting, and people were not disappointed! Sarah Hadfield had an easy style and was quite down to earth, and had brought lots of stunning quilts!

Here she is, with some of her work behind her. She showed slides of some of her quilts, which was certainly easier than trying to see them held up! I must say, it was probably the first time it was easier to see the slides, than the quilts! Most of her quilts were less than 12" square, and some of them were considerably less!
Here are a couple of log cabin quilts. Sarah uses lots of striped borders, as she finds she has lots of tiny scraps which she likes to use up. What a clever -and thrifty- idea!

Everyone enjoyed being able to examine the piecing and quiting in Sarah's work close to.

Then to show and tell. Lots of people seemed to have had some sewing time over the festive period, judging by the numbers of quilts which were shown. This one is mine for Project Linus. It is specifically for an 8 year old girl with cancer, who likes pink and purple. The border has pink and purple mermaids on it, which should go down well.
Beverly had finished this lovely cot quilt for her new grandson. The turquoise and brown fabrics in this quilt look so soft and cuddly.Doreen was making this Japanese folded design for her daughter. The colours are stunning, both front and back! Apparently it's "not big enough", so she will be enlarging it. Good luck with that!Di had bought a charm pack, and was going to make a runner for the bottom of her bed. She made half of it, and decided it wouldn't be nearly big enough, so made it up into a wall-hanging. The colour gradation on this one is lovely.Ruth had been sewing for Linus, since her return from Australia. Here is a simple cot quilt in pastel colours.
And here it is again, with bright 'I-spy' squares. Look at the beautiful machine quilting!This is much the same design in a prem quilt, again with bright and cheerful colours.At a sewing meeting recently, Di bemoaned the fact that she had finished what she had brought with her, and 'had nothing to do'. Lynda gave her a bag of Linus scraps to save her from boredom, and she has made this gorgeous quilt from them! Thank you so much, Di.Stephanie had been to a Ferret workshop, entitled 'Quilt in a Day', and except for sewing the binding on, that's exactly what it turned out to be!
The quilt is completely reversable. Which side do you like best?
Stephanie had aslo made this baby blanket. She had bought a metre of fleece and then appliqued these cute aeroplanes on it. The smoke from the tail spells the baby's name and the date!
This is a blast from the past! It's blocks made at a 'Sizzling strips' workshop I taught a while ago. The blocks have been assembled in a stunning light/dark arrangement. Don't they look lucious?Paula had also been rummaging in the Linus boxes, and taken a set of blue blocks. Look how cleverly she's put them together!Then to cheer herself up on a dreary winter day, she made up this zinger with pink sweetie fabric and lime green! What a combination! Lynda ran a bag workshop last week, and Liz, Jane, Alison and Betty are showing the fruits of their labours. (Betty wasn't actually so industrious that she made two, the other one was made by her daughter, a first time quilter!)

Betty is indeed industrious, and showed three more quilts! This one was to showcase some feature fabrics brought on a trip downunder. What a clever idea.These are hexagons made without papers, a technique she was generous enough to thank Paula for showing her.And last but not least, a stunning Baltimore quilt she assembled using quilt as you go! Fabulous!The next meeting will be a Techniques Workshop, so look out for examples and requirements lists soon.

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