Thursday, 19 January 2012


What a treat we had this month! Rebecca Ayrton was a wonderful speaker, both amusing and informative, and what's more, she timed her talk so well that she left us all wanting more! She was very informative about the origins of sashiko and had lots of samples which she passed round to underline her words. She is also a fabulous practitioner, and had lots of examples for us to drool over. I particularly liked the way she wasn't precious about her work, saying, 'Handle the quilts all you like, as when these wear out, I'll have all the fun of making more!' A very refreshing perspective! Here she is with a beautiful fusion of paper-pieced hexagons and sashiko. Amazing.

Next month we will be having mini-workshops and here are the samples and the sign-up list. Two of the workshops are already full! We're all eager to learn.

The first quilt up for show and tell had us all gasping in amazement! Eileen's sumptuous Dresden Plate was stunning. Her colour palette makes the most of the rays of the plates.

Rutnh has made a quilt for the forthcoming exhibition at Bletchley Park. It is based on the shapes found in the doorway to the main house. The colours are so reminiscent of old wood and stoneShe was also in a 'using up' mood (as so many people are at the beginning of the year!). She had these log cabin blocks left over from her Manx quilt, and they were perfect for making this bag.

She has also made this beautiful Mile a Minute quilt for Project Linus. She was touched by the stories of the vulnerable teenagers who get support from 'Catch 22' and made this large quilt especially for them!

These blocks were made from fabric won at our exhibition last year! How clever to sash the squares - it gives them another slant. Nik has made this quilt for Project Linus. She is so generous (and prolific!) The white sashng and border give it a very dainty feel.

Here another one of Nik's quilts. The piecing is stunning, but it's a pity we can't see the quilting, as it was done as part of a challenge. Instructions were given out on the internet every hour, and different sections were quilted. Fabulous.

This is a seriously big quilt! Muriel made it at a class and had it quilted by Anna. The secondary designs are absolutely fascinating - and look at all those points! (The binding's clever too!)

And here is another quilt made in the same pattern, but this time in a smaller size. What a class that must have been!

here is a WIP (Work In Progress) made completely by hand from silk ties. It will be a fund-raiser from prostate cancer once it's finished. Don't the colours sing?

At Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters, we recently made some autographed blocks. Mine are still in their plastic bag, but Muriel has put hers to good use. She has made a quillow. Here is the pillow (or cushion) part,

and here is the quilt part! The red squares are a genius addition, and make it into a good-sized lap quilt. What clever people there are around! You never know what goodies will be revealed in show and tell!

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