Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bletchley Park

Last Saturday Ruth organised another of her fantastic trips, this time to Bletchley Park, home of the WW2 code-breaking Enigma machine, and for two days only, to a super quilt exhibition.
The weather was gorgeous (if you sat in the sun) and there was lots to see if (heaven forbid) you hadn't been attracted by the quilt show! So, while various husbands were well catered for, we were all able to enjoy the quilts.

There was a big competition about codes, and we were delighted to see that our own Sarah had a 'Highly Commended' sticker on her quilt! Way to go Sarah! It's a shame that the venue wasn't altogether suitable for displaying quilts, and this one was right next to a big pillar, making it almost impossible to photograph (which explains the image below) but I'm sure we'll have a chance to see it closer at the next meeting. If you can't wait till then look on Sarah's blog (a link is on the sidebar to the right).

I spent much of my day in the documentation room, looking at old quilts (look here if you'd like to find out about the quilts I took) but here are some of Ruth's photos.

Here is another amazing quilt.

This one was in the codes competition with lots of lovely applique.

And compare this one with the photo at the top of this post. Amazing!

Thank you very much for giving us all a lovely day, and a chance to visit an important historic building.

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