Sunday, 22 February 2015

Di's Santa workshops

Di has been attending the two recent sewing days to teach her Santa workshop to those who would like to make one of these gorgeous figures.  I know it's only February, but I've heard that Christmas will be round again before you know it!  That's certainly true on my past experience!

Liz, along with myself, Bunty, Carol and Stephanie, was just there for a bit of sewing peace and friendly support.  She's supporting Paula by keeping her seat warm, while Paula sews stars on her Santa's boot cuffs.  

Here's Paula on her pre-warmed seat, making up Santa's coat.  I love his gold boots! 


Sian's week ahead of the game, and just putting the final touches to her Santa, who is very traditionally dressed.

Emily is assembling the coat on her Santa, and she's obviously enjoying the hand sewing.  Her Santa's gold outfit is to die for!

Here is Sue, concentrating hard.  I love the way everyone has chosen different Christmas-coloured outfits for their own idea of Santa.  This burgundy outfit is rich and smooth.  

Here is Emily's completed Santa, with friend.  She says she really enjoyed making him, which is just as well, as I can see her family and friends will be putting in their orders for their own Santa's as soon as they see him!  
Many thanks to Di for teaching this workshop and giving pleasure to so many people, and to Sian for organising all the sewing days! 

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