Friday, 2 October 2015

Quilting with young people

A couple of years ago, we bid for some money from Waitrose, and decided to use it to encourage young people to do patchwork.  We were lucky to find a fabulous pattern from 'Quiltmaker' magazine which was very forgiving, and made a cushion or bag with all the 10 and 11 year olds in Lutterworth schools, that was about 120 children. It was delightful for us to work with these enthusiastic young people, and as organiser, I thank all the people who gave up their time to help with this.  We have recently been to Bitteswell School and worked with 31 pupils. 

Here is Di, working with some youngsters.  They were very interested in her machine, and all the different stitches it could make.   She kindly offered to show some of them if there was time, and ended up using the alphabet stitches to sew each pupils' initials on each finished cushion!  How generous is that! 

Liz always clears her calendar to help young people.  She has a wonderful rapport with them, and handles the most difficult child very sensitively.  You missed your vocation, Liz. 

Gwyneth is another stalwart for sewing with young people.  She is patient and kind, and encourages children who struggle.  Thank you. 

Madeleine came every session, and was unflappable, even when her machine malfunctioned and decided to go on strike.  Luckily it was sortable, but she kept calm. 

Here are some of the finished products.  Thé children's fabric choices always impress me.  They have their own ideas, and it fills them with pleasure.  
Many thanks to Liz D, Liz I, Gwyneth, Maria (the flattening lady!), Madeleine, Di, Ruth and Lorraine for giving so generously of their time and skills to give good experiences to the possible future sewers.  Well done! 

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