Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Festival of Quilts

Here I am in front of our fabulous group quilt, hanging beautifully flat in the exhibition.  

It didn't win any prizes, but with over thirty contributors, we didn't think it would.  It was sufficient that everyone had fun creating their blocks then pleasure seeing the final result entered in a prestigious international competition, to be enjoyed by thousands of people.  Not to mention the delight of some lucky children who will get to drive their cars up and down the streets and enjoy looking at all the different buildings. 
Many thanks to all who contributed a block, and especially Maria, Di, Maggie, Vicki, Ann A, Ann G and Lynda for putting it together, and Liz, who quilted it so beautifully.  

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Elizabeth Ingram said...

I met someone recently who before retiring was a speech and language therapist and she said it would have been very useful resource for her and her students.