Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jennie Raiment's 'Sudoku quilt' workshop

Some people might think of Lutterworth as a bit of a backwater, but that's not at all true when you find out all the things that go off in the town. Many people would give their eye teeth to attend a workshop by an internationally renowned artist, but that's exactly what lucky Piecemaker members got to do when Jennie Raiment taught her 'Sudoku quilt' class.

When I arrived at the hall, I thought it was the Marie Celeste over again (without the sea, of course!) as the room appeared deserted!

I soon found everyone, clustered round Jennie as she gave them instructions for a Fancy Fandango - this time in English!

Everyone quickly went back to their tables, while the instructions were fresh in their minds. Bunty and Andrea look as if they are expecting me to test them on the blocks so far (and find them wanting) at any moment!

Muriel and Chris were busy, busy, and Carol was obviously enjoying herself immensely!
Jennie was continually checking that everyone was happy and knew what to do - the mark of an excellent teacher.

Here is a bright pink Fancy Fandango under construction,

and here are Chris's blocks so far. Good progress to say it wasn't even lunchtime!
Everyone was happy that the workshop instructions had been clear, the teaching was superb and new techniques had been made very accessible. Now all that remains is to make up the quilts!

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