Saturday, 21 March 2009

March meeting

March's meeting was lovely and relaxed. All there was on offer was a mug bag demo, the sales table and a display of the balloons which have been made for the group quilt (apart from show and tell, of course!) However the highlight of the evening was the presentation of a cheque for £200 to the Air Ambulance and a visit from the local press photographer, more of which later. A quiet meeting in comparison with some, but the chance to chat and catch up with the latest happenings -and gossip- were very welcome.

Carolyn showed how to make an attractive yet practical bag to carry your mug to meetings.

Paula was demonstrating too, so that everyone had a chance to see the method easily.

Sylvia manned the sales table, which appears to have been stripped by now, giving her time to joke with Nik.

Everyone taking part in the group quilt had returned their balloons - what a lovely variety there is. (The duck one is Stephanie's - what a clever idea!)

At the beginning of the meeting, we had all been given a slip of paper with the name of a season on it, and before show and tell, Di announced what it was all about. The committee had decided to give a small gift to all the members to say thankyou for all their support over the last year. Everyone was able to take a bundle of four fat quarters and some toning thread! What a lovely idea! And was I pleased that my 'Summer' bundle contained a piece of beautiful lime green fabric! Ruth had a summer bundle too, but chose one without lime green; why would she do that?! Thank you committee.

Show and tell had the usual variety of treats. Three people had completed their Jennie Rayment Sudoku quilts. All very quick workers!

Fran had been on a workshop which needed a Layer Cake as supplies and found this pile of co-ordinating squares made a very attractive quilt.This whimsical Hen House is a Mary Mayne design and make a perfect Easter (or spring) hanging.Paula is tireless in her work for Project Linus. She made two Mile A Minute quilts with cream sashing. They look fresh and clean in this arrangement.One of Nik's friends has had a baby in the ICU and was pictured lying on a quilt. Nik thought it must be a Linus quilt, but now the baby is safely home, the quilt stayed in the hospital. Obviously not a Linus quilt, as they belong to the child, not the institution. So the family didn't feel deprived, Nik made this jaunty sailing boats quilt, and called it 'Your not-Linus quilt'! Fabulous!

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