Saturday, 7 July 2012

Barbara Chainey workshop

We were very lucky to secure Barbara's talents for an applique workshop.  It wasn't particularly well attended - perhaps people were in awe of the fabulous work she had shown at her talk?  They needn't have worried, as she was a great teacher, and a lot of fun.  Here she is at the start of the day, giving instructions.

Once people got to work, she started to strip off - although didn't manage to rival Jennie Rayment!  You can see Gill and Di were hard at it by this time.

Ruth and Jan studied the instructions carefully, while behind them is an array of fabulous work.

By this time, Gill and Di were feeling relaxed, having made a good start on their design.

Barbara was unfailing in sharing her expertise. 

Di shows the fruits of her labours.  The first lotus blossom looks stunning.

Needle turn applique is slow work, but well worth learning, and we'll look forward to seeing the completed panels at the July meeting!

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