Sunday, 22 July 2012

Charity quilt evening

Since I was away sunning myself in foreign parts, Paula took charge of the meeting.  (Looks as though she was a little stressed by it all, or is it the difficult decision of which fabrics to buy from the trader which is worrying her?!)  The task was to make four-patches from 5" dark and light squares, and the pair with the most completed blocks would win a prize!  I hoped there was enough fabric, as I'd practically given myself RSI cutting 5" squares!

Nik very kindly offered to take the photos, and I think she ought to do this for every meeting, as while people duck out of the way when they see me getting my camera out, not only did she get people staying in shot, but waving!  Liz looks happy here, while Muriel has her attention on the task in hand.

 Here are some more happy quilters!  Not everyone wanted to take the challenge, which is fine, so long as they had a good evening.

 Gaynor and Di are steaming ahead - I seem to remember that Di was one of the winners last year! 

Another previous winner here is Ann, but she doesn't appear to have Vicky as a partner this time.  Gill and Di don't seem to be worried about their chances of winning this time, though!

More people too busy to wave.  Jill and Jan on the sewing machines.

 I hope Rebecca wasn't on her own.  She's in full flow.

 I mixed the light fabrics up a bit, including not only whites and creams, but pink, pale blue and lilac.  Well, so long as there's a contrast, it doesn't have to be a neutral!  I hope everyone coped with this. 

 Di and Gaynor have been persuaded to pause and smile.  I really envy Nik her persuasive talents!

 Here is Rebecca's partner (and Mum) Judy, with rotary cutter at hand!

 Dorothy was so keen to be friendly and keep working that she waved the iron!  A formidable lady!

 Some people used the evening to socialise or do their own thing.  There is no meeting mext month, so a catch-up with friends was in order!

 Here is the trader cutting fabric.  I understand they had a profitable and pleasant evening.

June had surpassed herself with the raffle this time.  She always chooses such lovely prizes, but this month had persuaded her husband to make these 'ice cream cones' and filled them with fabric!  What a perfect idea for a summer treat!

Not much show and tell, although quality is always preferable to quantity!  Di brought this beautiful little doll quilt, which is typical of her high standards.
And the winner?  Apparently there were two winning teams, Rebecca's and Dorothy's, each making 115 four patches!  But I'm certain that everyone who came along got themselves a fun evening, and the ultimate winners will be the  needy children who will get beautiful quilts from Project Linus which they can keep for ever!  Thank you particularly to Paula and Nik, and all the sewers.  Have a good summer, and we'll meet again in September.

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