Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sewing day

There is so much going on in Piecemakers that I can't keep up with it - no wonder we have had to close our books at 63 paid up members!  (Visitors are welcome, and we have a waiting list in case anyone takes the hump and leaves!  Not that that is likely to happen!)  We organised a sewing day on 9th March to make book wraps for the Quilter's Guild, and sew Linus quilts. 
here is sarah who kindly offered to share her talents for the day.  Gwyneth is obviously spoiled for choice!

Jan is using the time to finish the borders of a Linus quilt.  Lovely.
And Paula is also hard at work for Linus - as usual! 

Here is Gwyneth working with pinks and reds.  
And Di and Gill are beavering away.

Sarah was no slouch either!

And here are the finished results!  Gill's Kaffe Fasset fabric book wrap,

Di with something more restrained,

and everyone else with a variety of lovely items for the Quilter's Guild tombola.
Ruth tells me that there is a space on the Ruth Jarman workshop on 20th/21st April, and if you would like to go, contact her or any member of the committee.

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