Saturday, 11 May 2013

March meeting

I can't believe I am so behind with my blogging - it's already nearly halfway though May and I haven't even written about the March meeting!  Add to this I've got a dodgy internet connection, which means that the photos aren't uploading properly, and you'll understand my frustration!  However, I'll do the best I can.

The March meeting was very informative.  We were lucky enough to have Yvonne Orchard with us, and as a very early member of the Quilter's Guild (she has been to every single AGM!) she was able to tell us all about the founding of the guild, it's evolution and news about the guild's museum in York.  (Sorry that she looks rather 'in the pink', but that's the wonders of modern technology for you!) Several people were interested enough to join the guild that evening, which is a very good thing. 

We were also lucky to have had Eunice bring lots of goodies from her shop, The Quarter Inch which is in Market Harborough.  Lots of people were pleased to be able to buy fabric (and such lovely fabric!) without having to travel, park etc.  Thank you Eunice for your hard work!
Another person who works hard is June - she always gives us an imaginative raffle.  This month's theme was 'Spring is here!' and it certainly looks as though it has by these delicious-looking prizes! 
There was the usual excellent show and tell, but I'll post this while I have the chance, so sorry to disappoint readers.  Hopefully I'll have more luck uploading photos in the future.

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