Sunday, 13 July 2014


We have just heard from Frankie White that her husband is very poorly, and she isn't able to come and speak on Wednesday or run the workshop on Thursday.  That's very sad news for her, and for us, but we all know the curve balls which life sometimes throws, and wish her husband a speedy recovery. 
So that has left us with a bit of a gap.  Those people who have booked on the workshop will obviously be able to have a full refund, but we have put our thinking caps on to see what we can do on Wednesday evening.  Luckily, Lynda Hill has offered to give a talk entitled 'The Ten Commandments of Quilting - and how I have broken every one!'  It's a light-hearted look at quilts and quilters, and while it won't be to the same standard as Frankie, should make for an enjoyable evening.
Hope you can all come.

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