Sunday, 29 June 2014


The June meeting was full of inspiration.  Jan Baker - a local textile artist - came along and described her artistic progress, from initial concept (which was old manuscripts) through a heritage seed collection to her final pieces which were screen printed and assembled into cushions and pictures.
here is jan with some of her work.

The images were taken from old botanical illustrations, and lettering. 

Jan also generously brought her sketch books to show her thought processes. 

As if this was not enough, she then showed inspirational images for our challenge of lines, squares, triangles and circles.  Lots of food for thought there!

June was in full summer mode with her raffle prizes.  Delicious ices - complete with flakes!  the raffle is always very popular, so it was kind of Paula to lend a hand.

We were also lucky enough to have a trader.  Eunice, from 'The Quarter Inch' in Market Harborough had lots to tempt us.  I was certainly tempted!  Thank you, Eunice. 

The show and tell started with a beauty.  Can you believe that this gorgeous (and huge) Dresden Plate has been made by Paula for a friend?  Neutrals were requested, and Paula has cleverly bound it in soft pink, to tie in with the flower centres.

Everyone very much enjoyed the recent workshop, and Ruth brought in her piece (in her hand) made on the day, and several other pieces which she made using these techniques and ideas.  She's holding up the photo which was inspiration for the quilt Debbie is showing.  Fabulous.

This is a work in progress.  I made these cowboys from a free pattern by Pam Rocco on 'Quilter's Newsletter' web extras.  If you fancy it, you can see it here.  There's even a cow included!

Paula spied this Paddington fabric and knew it would be an easy and popular make for Linus. 

She also made these two quilts, the left one from a panel she bought at Malvern (the wonderful quilting makes it look appliqued!) and the other one from Kisko.  Looking good.

Here is Muriel's quilt made from either a charm pack or jelly roll (sorry, I can't remember which!).  The orange setting triangles really focusses the design.

Ann has completed her challenge pieces!  She has used some Japanese fabrics to tie them together.  Stunning!

Lovely use of orphans and panels for this beauty.

Chris made this quilt for Linus and has had a really clever idea.  She was doing a puzzle with her grandson where you have to follow the line to see who gets the treasure, and suddenly thought what a great idea for a quilting design!  She has used different colours of thread from three corners, and the prize is some food in the shed at bottom right!  (She couldn't find any food images in her stash, so went with the shed idea instead!)  This quilt will become someone's prized possession!

And last, but not least, Debbie's puff quilt.  The photo doesn't do it justice, as it is super.  I saw it in progress, and had to say that the puffs looked rather like downy bosoms (!) but now they're joined together, they look perfect.  Here's to more!

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