Sunday, 15 June 2014

May meeting

Unfortunately I missed the May meeting, where Pauline Barnes gave an interesting talk about threads and needles.  There were hardly any of her quilts (we quilters always like to see quilts!) as they were being exhibited elsewhere.  Shame.  Although Sian sent me lots of photos of the show and tell, life has got in the way, and I haven't managed to post them.  I've tried tonight, and either Blogger is messing me about or I need a technology update (either could be true!) so I'm sorry about that.
there were some lovely photos of wall hangings made at the April workshop with Pat Archibold.  Everyone had a great time and produced stunning work!

The workshop with Pauline was very stimulating.  It was about stitch techniques and possibilities, and the aim was to produce samples, rather then finished products.  Here is an example of using a decorative stitch and a variegated thread to make a solid block.

Here are different pintuck variations.

Some more pintucks and free motion stitches,

and here is a whole set of wonderful techniques!  Gorgeous!

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