Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Round Robin

Unfortunately Di has been unable to send the Round Robin this month.  I have emailed as many people as possible, but in case you were missed out, here is the information.

1. We have arranged for PAT testing of electrical items to take place at the June meeting.  You can have your sewing machine(s), iron and extension leads tested for £1 per item.  Bring themalong to the meeting labelled with your name and they will be tested and ready to take home by the end of the session.

2.  Eunice from 'The Quarter Inch' in Harborough will be our trader, so make sure you bring your purse!

3. If you have any 'heart' items for the Quilters Guild tombola, don't forget to bring them along.

4. Debbie has 100 tickets for The Festival of Quilts at the NEC at the reduced price of £10 per ticket.  You can buy as many as you like - so long as you give her the money!


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