Thursday, 22 June 2017

Linus sewing evening

We have been having a Linus sewing evening for several years, and I'm very grateful to all the members for coming along and making something for charity.  I always try and find an interesting pattern, and this year it was Spider's Web.  There are good instructions on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog, under free patterns for those who couldn't make it that evening. 

This is the kind of thing we were aiming for, except in scrappy colours.  People quickly got into gear! 

Chris was the flattening lady for this table, and Julie said she could do with a full time assistant, as she made everything go smoothly! 

This group beavered away and resisted the urge to match colours!  I forgot to ask people not to match, but it wouldn't have made much difference.  Some people just can't do scrappy, no matter how hard they try - they need order in their lives! 

Jan had an assistant too - teamwork is the name of the game! 

This group was super prolific!  They made more than one block each! 

Here are the finished blocks!  Fifteen completed blocks, which with one more block will make a great 4 x 4 block quilt.  Great work for just one hour.  Thank you so much everyone!  And the bonus is, that my scrap drawer is now only half full!  Result! 

June's response to the recent very hot nights is Insomnia.  Starry sky fabric and a little chocolate to send you off to sleep.  Perfect! 

We also had one members' sales tables.  People paid £2 to have a table, and there were lots of bargains to be had.  

The Four Seasons Challenge blocks were all very different and interesting. 

Lots of good ideas here. 
There wasn't very much show and tell, as hot weather, holidays and gardens had used up quilting time. 

This is a UFO which has finally made it to the finish.  Hooray! 

And another UFO, this one destined for Linus.  Thank you. 

This beautiful animal quilt has been made by Nik.  It's a shame you can't see the quilting, as that is animals too. 

Here are my pineapples, made from leftover 2.5" squares.  I really had fun making this one for Linus. 

Yet another quilt using 2.5" squares.  The green fabric is insects.  

This is my Sarah Fielke BOM for 2017 Happy Days.  It is completely finished.  I thoroughly enjoyed making it, and love the finished quilt.  I'm halfway through her 2017 BOM, so must be a glutton for punishment! 

Here are some cathedral window blocks made at the Lynne Edwards workshop making a handy glasses case.  Gorgeous colours. 

This is a baby quilt made by Pam, which she backed with fleece.  She didn't like the corners, so added fleece tassels to them.  Very pretty. 

Sorry I've chopped the bottom off this wall hanging, as it's beautiful.  I love the purple border. 

This is another wall hanging made by Pam.  The birds look very realistic! 
The evening was very hot, so it was good to see so many people had made the effort to turn out, and to remember to bring back their yellow sheet with the details of the items they will be sending to the exhibition.  The rest of us, please bring them to the next meeting! 

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