Saturday, 22 July 2017

Edwina Mackinnon

July's meeting went like a dream - Edwina Mackinnon was an excellent speaker and the weather was a lot cooler than at the June meeting.  The only snag was that I forgot my iPad, so couldn't take any photos!  Luckily Emily came to the rescue with her phone, so thank you very much to her. 

Edwina is very keen on dyeing and colour, and the first quilt she showed was an inspiration for those of us who want to develop our use of colour.  The quilting on this quilt was a treat, as it was circles, which really enhanced the overall design. 

Here is Edwina with a group piece, which (predictably) came in at various sizes.  It's good to know that even experienced quilters have their problems with accuracy. 

And here she is with one of her 'Sushi' quilts.  This one is painted and pieced then machine and hand quilted.  She was a lovely speaker and everyone thoroughly enjoyed her talk. 

There wasn't very much show and tell - the recent hot weather must have sapped people's energy - but what there was, was of the usual high standard. First is Chris's spider web quilt in blue.  Gorgeous! 

A blast from the past, an op- art quilt I made a while ago.  Sue had seen a quilt like this on the internet and wanted to make one.  Well, she asked if I would teach a class on it!  I declined but said I would lend her the book!  We'll wait eagerly to see her version! 

Here is a Linus quilt I have finally finished.  I made the flying geese in the dim and distant past, and they have been lingering in a box waiting to fly.  I have made them into a stripy with some green robot fabric.  Flying geese and robots - a match made in heaven! 

After the cathedral window workshop, Ann made her sample into this lovely cushion.  

She also made this bag from some scraps of linen like fabric.  It was quite stiff and very roomy. 

And last but not least, Di had made a zippy roll up bag.  The front was cleverly made from selvedges, and looked very bright and cheerful. 
At the September meeting, we will be having a sewing evening, making sewing accessories.  There will be a choice between a pop-up bits container, a Clover clips holder, a bag with a clear plastic front and a rotary cutter pouch.  There will be ten places on each workshop and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Requirements will be available at the next meeting, and I will also put them on the blog too. 

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